Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Work out buddies on-line!

So, I'm a bit fluffy through the midsection. I can admit that. I'm not as lean as I used to be. So, my buddies back in Texas are helping me get back in shape and train for the Tokyo Marathon. We are e-mailing each other daily about our exercise and food for the day. We are e-mailing out a complete list of everything we ate during the day, even beverages are listed. And, we are holding each other accountable for not exercising or for eating crap. Basically, we make fun of each other and humiliate the other person until they stop eating crap and start exercising. We are like a support group on crack! We are mean and truthful, but only because we care about one another. And, we want our friends to succeed at their goals.

I know this has already helped me. Yesterday I had to confess to my peeps that I ate two pieces of chocolate candy, and I was embarrassed. No one harped on me for faltering on the first day, but I knew they wanted to. So, today I ate better and exercised just so I could report back to my peeps and be happy about my report. I know it sounds silly, but it seems to be working. It's one thing to try and get healthy alone, but when you have crazy people to tease and harass you, it makes it easier to stay on track!

Thanks Texas peeps! You guys rock!

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