Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here comes the sun!

So, after 5 days, it has finally stopped raining here. Thank God! We were starting to get cabin fever! Jude has been cooped up for too long! The poor kid was going stir crazy! Usually, he plays outside at school. And then when he comes home from school, I take him to the park to play with his friends. So, the kid was starting to wig out from the lack of sunlight. But, now all is better. The warm rays of the sun peaked through the blinds at about 5:05 AM this morning....that's right I said 5:05 AM....they don't call this place The Land of the Rising Sun for nothin'!

Praise Jesus for the sun!


Anonymous said...

Cute Pic of Jude.


Anonymous said...

Ya-Ya and Po-Po MISS Julian so very much!