Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot Nuns!

So, I was reading CNN.com and came across this story:

The story is about an online beauty pageant for Nuns. That's right...I said beauty pageant for nuns! The pageant was a priest's idea. He said it would help promote the nuns' lifestyle and life choices, and it would help to end the stigma that all nuns are old and ugly. Crazy, huh?! So, if you know any nuns, make sure to tell them to register online!!

Man, I knew I loved being catholic before, but now even more...this is awesome!

First the drinking, then the gambling, then the ability to absolve one's sins through confession, and now beauty pageants....Catholicism ROCKS!

Look Rice Spice, if you had been sent to a convent as a teenager (as your parents had threatened), I'm sure you would be a part of this!!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

1 comment:

Rice Spice said...

Could you imagine...Sister Rice Spice?!?! EEKS! I'm sure I would've done something to get my ass thrown out within the first month.