Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weenie's World- Lost in Translation...

Do you really want to know what my world is like?? If you do, check out the movie Lost in Translation. It stars Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.

I saw this movie before coming to Japan, but I found it boring and so-so. But, I watched it recently and laughed my ass off. Living in Japan is so completely different from anything I have ever known. But, unlike the characters in the movie, I'm not lost. I know who I am and where I'm going, sorda. And, unlike Bob and Charlotte (the characters in the movie), I love Japan. I have embraced all the cultural differences.

So, watch the movie and see what my world is really like!

Tsukiji Fish Market

Everyone knows about the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. This is the biggest wholesale fish market in the world. It's famous for it's giant sushi grade tunas.

So, on Friday morning at 4 AM, we woke our tired asses up and went to the famous Fish Market. It was an exciting adventure. We saw fish as big as cows. We even got to see the fish auction. Here are some pictures I took:

(Here is Husband, Q, Marathon Man, and Running Babe on the train at 5 AM.)

(Husband and me leaning over a big ass yellow fin tuna...mmmmm...yummy!)

(Here are all the fish laid out at the fish auction.)

(Husband and me, duh!)

Since the fish market is very busy and unsafe for small children, a friend of ours spent the night with us, and we left Jude with him in the morning. We were back at the hotel by 7 AM.

Disney...and parade waiting!

Okay, in Japan people do as they are told- no questions asked.

Well, as you know, I typically question everything and everybody. So, I don't exactly follow the heard. Instead, I make my own path. In the States, it's fine to be that way. But, in Japan, people don't know how to deal with it.

So, at Disney, we were waiting to see the below pictured Lilo and Stitch Parade. However, there is a certain protocol to follow in Japan when it comes to waiting for parades. And, as a stupid gaijin (foreigner), I was unaware of this protocol.

So, picture this:

...Japanese families sitting on the ground on plastic tarps waiting for a parade. They sit patiently. Behind them are Japanese families standing and waiting patiently for the parade. Then, we come and stand where we think the parade route is. We stand patiently. Then, a Disney associate or cast member approaches us. He tells us in broken Japanglish that we are not standing in the appropriate place. He tries to tell us that we are standing where imaginary people should be sitting. We pretend not to understand and just ignore him. Then, he calls another associate over to explain to us in more detail that we need to scoot back and let people sit in front of us. But, being a short combative Texan, I refuse to move. I have staked out a good place to see the parade and don't want to lose it to others. Then, the 3rd associate comes over and tells us in decent English that we need to move back because we are not standing in the correct imaginary line. Running Babe refuses to move. She holds her ground, literally. We all refuse to move back. They try repeatedly to get us to move back. We just stand there pretending not to understand them. We smile, laugh, make fun of the imaginary line that THEY can only see. We cause a seen as we typically do, yet we hold our ground. Yes, we were combative, loud, obnoxious Americans who refused to listen to people in control. The workers tried their best, but we just wouldn't conform. After about 10 minutes of harassment, they just laugh at us and move away.

We didn't give in and it payed off. I was able to take these great pictures below. Enjoy!

It pays to be a stupid gaijin!

Thanksgiving at Disney Land

(MMMMMmmmm, there's nothing like a smoked turkey leg at Disney Land!)
(I know, we are goofy!)

(Here is Jude, Bean, and Marathon Man riding the train.)

(It was cold and rainy when we went- that's why Jude is wearing a rain poncho.)

Even though the weather sucked, we still had a great time. The kids enjoyed every minute if it.

Mt. Mitake...revisited!

We went to Mt. Mitake 2 weeks ago. It was a glorious day, and we decided to take advantage of the weather. We ended up hiking for hours. We took the most difficult route to the furthest point possible on the mountain. Jude was a trooper, though. He hiked up and down like a billy goat. I couldn't believe my little guy could go so far on such rough terrain.

We went with Running Babe, Bean, and Marathon Man. We had a great time (as we always do.)

We took the trolley up and back down the mountain. On our way down, the trolley was packed. I ended up sitting next to a handicapped young man on the trolley. He was about 6 feet tall and was developmentally delayed. It was obvious the young man was handicapped, and his parents kept apologizing to me because he kept staring at me intensely. The young man would yell out strange things and move his hands around spastically. His father tried to keep him contained, but he kept touching me. I didn't mind, though. I love the innocence of people with special needs. And, he had a beautiful smile that made me smile. So, I didn't mind. And he was silly, too. Naturally, I laughed- not at him, but with him. Again, I loved his innocence.
At one point during the trolley ride, Running Babe screamed out, "Hey, who ya sitting next to?"
My responses was "Someone special!"
I could hear Marathon Man say, "You guys are mean!"
We just giggled, as we always do. However, my intention was not to be mean, but simply to state the obvious- as I always do!
But, I must say that no good can come from me and Running Babe hanging out! Running Babe and I are two peas in a pod. We are two petite Latinas planning to take over the world! But, we'll start with Japan!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My kid is a model...well, he will be!

I was just notified by one of the modeling agencies we met with last week that Jude has a photo shoot for a Japanese shoe company. I don't know the specifics of the shoot, yet. But it sounds like fun and pays great! Man, this kid will be able to pay for college in no time! Praise Jesus!

We're back!

We just got home. We have had a very busy 3 days! We stayed in Tokyo again to make things easier on us. It costs a shit load, but it's more fun.

This is what we did:
Thursday morning: We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal, sorda, then headed off to Disney Land.
Friday morning: Tokyo Fish Market to see the giant tunas be auctioned off.
Friday afternoon: Shrine and War Museum
Friday night: Drinks at the famous Tokyo Park Hyatt (this is where Lost in Translation was filmed.)
Friday late night: Karaoke (the same place were Bill Murray's character went in Lost in Translation).
Saturday morning: Breakfast at the hotel.
Saturday afternoon: We returned home.

I will download the pictures and post later. I'm too tired from staying out late last night. Gomenasai (I'm sorry!).

Mata ne! (See you!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be spending our Thanksgiving with the people, I mean, animals pictured above. That's right, we are going to Tokyo Disney Land tomorrow. I'm really excited to go again. I'll take my camera and fill you in on all the juicy details when we return.

Yahoo! Watch out Disney Land, here I come!


So, the other day Husband and I were having a conversation about this and that. I was apologizing to him for being the crazy, neurotic, loud mouthed bitch that I am. I told him that I was sorry for having so many faults. His response was, "Who says they're faults?"

At that moment, I fell in love with him all over again!

Ladies, I've got a GOOD MAN!

I'm the worst mommy ever...

So, today we had Open House and Parent Teacher Conference at Jude's school. I was very excited to see Jude perform ballet. (He takes ballet at school by a professional Japanese Ballerina from the local Tokyo company.) I watched with glee as he tapped his toes, spun around in circles and skipped. It was too cute! But, back to the reason why I'm a horrible mother....sorry I'm easily distracted!

So, the other day Jude was singing the alphabet song backwards. I scolded him and told him to sing it correctly because he was going to get confused. He replied back, "But mommy, my teacher told us to sing it backwards!" My response was..."Quit lying...sing it the right way or go to time out for not being a good listener." So, he walked away and pouted because I said he was lying.

So, today when I was at Jude's school, during circle time, his class sang their ABC's the normal way, and then they sang the song backwards. I felt so bad! Jude's teacher said that she taught it to them backwards because they already knew it the "right way" so well. She wanted to challenge them, she said. Doh!!! That made me feel even worse! I felt bad for calling my kid a liar, and then for discouraging him from doing something challenging.

I feel like I should give back my mommy license. I should be fired!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Potty Music

Today after school, Jude came home and had to poop. These are the songs he sang while he was sitting on the toilet:

Strawberry Fields by the Beatles

It must have been love by Roxette

So what by Pink

Low by Flo Rida

I know, such an eclectic group of songs for a 4 year old boy to be singing!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Must keep my eyes open...

I am one tired Mexican! Yesterday we went hiking up Mt. Mitake. As you may remember, that is the mountain where Sister puked. We walked and hiked for hours.

And, today is a Japanese holiday. Jude is home with me, there's no time to download pictures.

Please forgive me!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is this the face of a model?

....well, I hope it is. On Saturday, I'm taking Jude to a modeling fair. That's right, I'm going to attempt to pimp out my kid. Why not?! I think he's a good looking kid, and most Japanese ladies and girls pawn over him like he's a super star. So, why not pimp him out and earn money for his college education?! I have a friend whose kid does it and loves it. She gets to travel around Tokyo, wear cute outfits, and get great pictures taken. So, I figure maybe we can do the same. So, do you think he's cute enough?? I say put the kid in some GAP clothes so he can work it like Tyra Banks!
Keep in mind, I'm not going to end up like some pageant mommies out there. I'm not going to put fake eyelashes on him or get his teeth worked on. However, I will wash his face and brush his teeth. But, I can't guarantee I'll brush his hair--he prefers the bed-head look.
So, do you think my kid is cute enough to model??? (Remember, no matter what you say, I'm his mommy, and I think he's the cutest kid on the planet....after all, it's my job to think that!)

The stock market sucks!

*****Caution, the F-bomb is dropped repeatedly in this entry.***

So, I've been watching and checking as the stock market keeps tumbling downward. It's starting to get depressing! But, what can you do?? All you can really do is bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich and hope for the best. I'm young and have plenty of time to work, if I choose to do so. So, I'm trying not to focus on it, but it's hard!

But, I am a little pissed off at the auto makers of America. The big wigs for the big 3 have been in Washington this week asking for money, because they have run their companies into the ground. And, they had the audacity to show up to Washington in private jets!! What the freak??!! Hello Morons, if you need money so fucking bad, sell your damn jets and travel like the rest of us!! According to several news reports, it costs about $20,000 to fly on a private jet one way and about $100,000 a year to maintain a private jet. Shouldn't that money be better spent else where?? Hello McFly?! Sell you damn jets, that will help pay for some of your employees wages.

So, these rich bitches make tons of money, and they are not in touch with the rest of the world--that's probably how and why they ran their companies into the ground. With the price of gas steadily increasing since about 2000, you would think these companies would look into developing more fuel efficient cars, right?? Well, apparently they didn't do enough. And, now they are screwed and looking for a hand out. I know lots of people depend on their pensions from these companies in which they devoted 35 years to. I know people will hurt as a result of this giant fuck up. But, at the same time, if you keep bailing out stupid mother fuckers for making mistakes, it seems that no one has any accountability or takes responsibility for anything. Look, if I screw up and blow all the money I have, no one comes to rescue my ass, right?? So, why should the government rescue these 3 companies?? I say screw them and let them file for bankruptcy. They will re-group, make tons of changes and emerge smarter, wiser, and with new, better leaders at the top. No one bailed out the airline industry when several companies went bankrupt! Why should the 3 big car makers get a handout, especially when their fearless leaders show up to ask for money from Congress wearing thousand dollar suits and using private, corporate jets. What the fuck?? Those men need to be slapped or better yet, DEATH BY PUNTA! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!) Hee-hee!

(Please do not arrest me, these are just my inner thoughts. I would never act on them. Plus, I live in Japan and do not own a private jet. And, I cannot afford to pay for a plane ticket to Michigan to go and slap these, they are safe for now! However, I do wish some big, well hung gentleman would bend these guys over and do naughty things to them...I hope they get screwed like they have screwed their companies!)

((I know, I'm probably going to Hell for the nasty comments I make. But, I know I'll be in good company! So, all you people out there that believe in Christ, please pray for my soul! Thanks!))


This is just the opinion of a midget mexican momma living in Japan, nothing more!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

At the ghetto zoo...

So, Jude's school went to the local zoo. It sucked! They had a domestic rabbit, squirrels, ducks, warthogs, 1 sickly looking elephant, a few mangy monkeys, Guinea pigs, and a turtle. We had more and healthier wildlife in our backyard in Texas! Seriously! And, Jude was bored out of his mind. The week before we had gone to the Ueno Zoo, which was WAY better. Even though this zoo was filled with animals from the local pet shop, we still had fun and enjoyed the day. Here are some pictures from the ghetto zoo:
(Oh yeah, they had rides, too!)

(This was the only panda they had.)

(Look at the happy campers! Hee-hee)

(The kids sitting and waiting to pet guinea pigs.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Camping in Japan!

About two weeks ago, we went camping with Running Babe, Bean (her son), and her ex-husband Marathon Man (I know, they are divorced but still do everything together...WHATEVER!). We drove to the Tama area and camped out, sorda. We rented 2 cabins and roughed it as best we can. Our cabins were loaded with amenities, like a full kitchen, refrigerator, shower, toilet, heater, etc. So, we weren't really roughing it at all. But, we still had a great time.

We went on a few nature hikes with the kids. Some of the trails were quite challenging, but Jude was up for it. He kept pretending he was Bear Grylis from Man Vs. Wild. He kept pretending he was being chased by wild animals. It was awesome to be in the wilderness, even though we could still hear the sound of the nearby highway.

We had a great time and hope to do it again soon. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

(Jude and Bean (Running Babe's son) walking in the wilderness.)

(As you can see, we were really roughing it!! We rented 2 cabins for the night. There was a small kitchen, restroom with shower and western style bed.)

(Jude and Husband roasting marshmallows over the fire.)

(Running Babe, Bean and Husband roasting marshmallows.)

Marathon Training Update

My training is going well considering I'm still suffering from a cold/allergies/giant loogies. I ran 7 miles 2 Saturdays ago and 8 miles last Saturday. And, I will run 8 miles again this Saturday. My long runs are going great. I run and chat the whole time. I never feel sore or fatigued. I'm usually a little slow the first 3 miles and then pick up the pace. But, my shorter 5 mile runs are becoming a problem, because Husband is now working 12 hour shifts. He's been leaving the house at 5:30 AM for work. And, then I can't run in the morning with my buddies. But, this morning he went in at 6:15 AM, and I was able to get in a good 5 miles at 5 AM.
I took these pictures 2 weeks ago on our long run. There's nothing worse than a loud mouthed, Texan running through the streets of Tokyo, Japan at 6 AM on a Saturday morning. People stare at us like we are from another planet. It's fabulous!
Just another day in Weenie's World!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alcohol Abuse!

So, Husband put a beer in the freezer to chill it, and he accidentally forgot about it. The beer on the right is frozen solid! This is what I call alcohol abuse!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

President Obama!

So, he won. Wow! I never thought I would see a brown president in my lifetime. No matter who you voted for or what political party you belong to, one thing is certain....Mr. Obama gives hope to minorities, bi-racial children, and children of single mothers.

As a minority woman, I grew up without seeing very many successful brown faces. Occasionally, I would meet a Mexican doctor or a Filipino nurse. But, on the whole, successful minorities were hard to find in my neck of the woods. So, it was difficult to conceive that I could truly become whatever I wanted. I know for white people, this probably isn't the case or you can't understand what I'm saying, maybe. But, it's hard to be something if you've never seen anyone who looks like you become it. But, as I grew older, more minorities were becoming educated and prospering. But, as a child the only successful brown face I ever saw was Oprah and Bill Cosby. If I saw a Hispanic person on TV, they were portrayed as a drug dealer or a "bad" guy. There was little or no brown successful people to look up to- plain and simple.

Just five years ago, when I moved to North Texas. I met tons of young Hispanic and African Americans who had never seen a college graduate Hispanic girl before. In fact, when I was taking some post baccalaureate classes at the local university, I met a girl who had never met a Hispanic person that spoke English. She was confused by me and thought all Hispanic people spoke Spanish and ate Mexican food for every meal. She had never met a college educated Hispanic person like myself.

So, to me, Obama offers young minorities hope. He offers the hope that you truly can be anything you want. And, you can earn it through hard work, education and persistence. You can truly achieve all your goals and anything is possible. For that, I'm a grateful to Obama. He will give little brown faces a positive role model to look up to, I hope--that's assuming he doesn't do something stupid while in the White House like Bill did. I didn't really have that kind of "hope" when I was a child. But, I'm glad my bi-racial son will.

So, regardless of who you voted for, please understand that Obama does offer hope to some. Even if you disagree with everything he stands for, you must understand that he is the new face of hope, especially to brown little faces. By seeing an educated, successful, well spoken brown man lead our county, he's making it possible for minorities to no longer make excuses. We have seen what is possible, and now we can strive for it, too. Again, it's hard to be something when you've never seen someone like you become it. But, now with this brown, bi-racial, man from a single mother, living in the White House, he will change what is expected of people who look like him or who have a similar back ground. He has changed the face of success! Thanks Mr. Obama for having a dream and working hard to achieve it!

He gives me hope!
(I bet you are surprised to know that I didn't particularly like either candidate. In fact, McCain was more my style. I know, you are probably crapping in your pants to think that someone as liberal as myself could ever vote for someone like McCain. But, again, it doesn't matter who you voted for. We are all Americans (unless you are Japanese), and we should stand behind our new President!)

Monday, November 17, 2008


So, I went to the hospital to help my friend with her new baby. Her new baby had a doctor's appointment, and I watched her 2 year old son while she visited with the doctor. After the doctor's visit, we had to go to the lab for some lab work. I accompanied her and sat in the waiting room. As I was sitting and waiting, I saw one of Husband's co-workers walking around. He came over and sat next to me and my friend's son. This was our conversation:

"Hey, how's it going?" Husband's co-worker asked.

"Good, how about you?" I asked in return.

"I'm fine, thanks. What ya in for?" he asked.

In my mind, I thought boy, you nosey bastard why in the hell should I tell you why I'm at the lab getting lab work. Even though I wasn't there for tests, I found his question a bit rude and obtrusive. So, naturally I replied, "I'm getting tested for gonorrhea and syphilis."

His face squished up and then tightened in disgust. "Oh!" he replied with eyes bulging. Then he walked away. Serves him right for asking such a personal question!

So, now I'm sure there are rumors at Husband's work place that I might have some type of venereal disease.

Oh well! Just another day in Ebeneezer Weenie's World!

My potty mouth!

Yes, I'm obscene, foul mouthed, perverted, disgusting, and have the ability to use the "f" word as a noun, adjective and verb. Remember, I learned from the best....PoPo. So, if my "rated R" mouth offends you, then TOO fucking bad. This is who and how I am. You are getting Weenie-The Uncut Version every time you log onto my blog. If you find it too disturbing to read, then move on. There are holy-roller blogs out there that might suit you better. But, if you come here, expect to get me...all of me. I'm the real deal! I say what most people won't, and I express my feelings regardless of the cost. So, if you can deal with that and the "f" bomb being dropped on a regular basis, then please keep reading and enjoying.

It's hard to find "real" people these days. And, I think I'm as real as they come. Granted, there are problems associated with being "real," but I've learned to deal with it. So, if you can handle my potty mouth, then Welcome, again, to Weenie's World! It's great to have you!!

No time to post!

I've got a shit load of pictures and stories to tell you. They occurred over the last 2 weeks or so. But, I've been too fucking nice and busy with other people's shit, so I haven't had time to download and post. I typically don't blame other people for my problems, but I think today I will. I guess I'm entitled to that every now and then. After all, there are tons of people out there that never accept blame for anything, right??

So, more great pictures and "misadventures" are on their way.

Patience Grasshopper, good things will come!

Saint Weenie-san...

I have been too nice... too fucking long. I'm NOT nice, as mentioned before. Here are my actions that I feel require me to be inducted into saint-hood:

1. I bought Sister flannel long-john pajamas at the store. Then, I washed, dried, and packed them per her request. Then, I boxed them up and sent them in the mail. (Sister lives up north in Akita Prefecture.)

2. I watched Georgia Peach's kid while she pooped out another kid. Her son stayed with us for 24 hours. He peed his pants twice and crapped his pants once. And, the kid had a fever and snotty nose.

3. I drove my friend's kid to school for a month after she pooped out a kid.

4. I gave my friend Jude's old clothes. I could have sold them at a resale shop and gotten some money for them, but I didn't. Instead, I was nice and gave them away.

5. I will volunteer next week to watch about 15 screaming 2-3 year olds while their parents have a meeting about nothing.

Even though people typically don't become saints until they die, I think they need to make a special exception for me. That's right, I've been way too fucking nice! So, from now on you can just call me Ebeneezer Weenie. I'm going to walk around with my head in my ass cursing and saying naughty things. Hopefully then people won't ask me to do anything ever again.

I think being an asshole is a lot easier and doesn't require as much effort. So, asshole-ness here I come. So, if you see me around, please don't talk to me...just ignore me. And, if you do talk to me, I WILL say something obscene. So, consider yourself warned!

Just another day in Saint Weenie-san's world! (hee-hee)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Only in my dreams....

So, last night I had another completely bizarre-o dream. I dreamt we were having an earthquake. Okay, not just an earthquake but the big one--the one that every one is scared shitless about...the one that changes the geography of Japan.

So, in my dream, by apartment building was shaking violently. I was scared beyond belief. I knew it was "the big one." All I could think about was saving my matter what. I guess those mommy instincts were kicking in. So, somehow I grabbed an extension cord and rapped it around us multiple times. Then, I tied it to a wooden support beam located near our entry way of our apartment. I held on to Jude for dear life. Then, we felt our building starting to collapse beneath us. While the building was shifting, I could no longer hold onto Jude. The force was just too much. But, luckily the chord I had tied to us, kept us tied together. When the building collapsed, our apartment was left pretty much intact and standing. Our apartment just kind of fell off the building but landed completely intact. It was unbelievable. As soon as the building stopped moving, I untied us, grabbed our emergency supply bags, and ran out the door. Yes, my door frame was still intact. I know, this is complete weird, but you are in my dream remember??!!

So, when we walked out, I realized the severity of the situation. Everything was on fire and people were screaming and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Jude and I had everything we needed to survive in our packs. We had water, food, clothes, flashlights, etc. We walked away from our apartment unscathed. Then, suddenly the rest of the building collapsed onto our apartment. It immediately imploded on itself. It basically disintegrated before our eyes. I grabbed Jude and our packs, and I ran as fast as I could to get away from the collapsing building and fires. I ran with him for about 2 miles until we reached a park. I collapsed on the ground and realized we were safe. Every one around us was covered in blood and hurt in some way, but we weren't. We were fine.

The next thing I remember, we were back in Texas and I was telling this story. However, no one wanted to listen to it. I was suffering from survivors guilt and no one seemed to care. I wanted to tell people the horror I saw and felt on that day, but no one wanted to hear it. Then, I woke up.

I know, I dream the most crazy, bizarre things! I'm plagued with an overstimulated mind that never rests. Sometimes I wake up exhausted from my dreams. I wish my mind would stop so I could rest. I've thought about taking drugs, but I don't like the after affects they cause. Before Jude was born, I would self medicate with alcohol, but I was getting a beer gut and stopped. Now, I just flinch, kick, shake, and talk in my sleep. Poor Husband! Sometimes he has to wake me up because he can hear me breathing hard like I'm running. Sometimes he wakes me up and I'm crying. I know, it's weird!

And, Jude is also plagued with crazy, bizarre-o dreams. He wakes up and tells me what he dreamt. Some nights he dreams about dinosaurs or Spiderman or monsters. Sometimes we can hear him talking in his sleep. I think Jude has a creative mind like me. He comes up with the craziest things. And, he loves to make up stories. I'm grateful the kid has a creative "bug" in him. But, at the same time, I feel sorry for him because he's a little weird...just like me. The kid has no chance of being normal. For that, I feel sorry for him. But, he does show the potential to be something great...maybe the next Shelley, Byron, or Tennyson. I've heard that creativity can't be taught. Either you have it or you don't. And, my kid definitely has it. But, I'm not sure if it's a plus or a minus. For me, it has given me the ability to write and play music very expressively and creatively. But, it has also plagued me with nightmares, bizarre thoughts and ideas, and a sense that I'm not like others. It's good to be different, but sometimes society looks down upon people who are "outside the box."

But, it does make for great entertainment. Doesn't it?? After all, you just spent the last 5 minutes of you life reading about me and my crazy dreams. (Hee-hee)

Friday, November 14, 2008

The reason why I'm running Tokyo Marathon...

I'm running Tokyo Marathon to prepare me for an Ultra Marathon. My ultimate goal is to run a 100 mile race and finish. That's right, I said run 100 miles. Actually, it won't be a run but more like a shuffle.

About 2 years ago, Big D and I paced our friend during the Mother Road 100 race in Oklahoma. (By pace, I mean we ran beside him and told him dirty jokes and stories to help him forget about the pain.) It was the first Ultra Marathon I had ever attended. We ran 16 miles with our friend...up and down giant hills on the shoulder of historic Route 66. It was a life changing that I will never forget. I met people and saw people doing things I never thought humanly possible.

Ever since that day, I've wanted to run an ultra. People can run marathons...thousands of people do them every year. But, fewer people do ultras. Because of my bunk as lungs (duh, I have asthma), I never thought I could complete a marathon. Now that I know I can, I want to go further and push myself beyond anything I have ever done. I know it will be hard, probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. But, if there's a will...there's a way. And, I'm certainly crazy enough to be an ultra marathoner. I'm sure I have it in me. In fact, one of my life's goals is to run a 100 miler before I turn 40. So, that's why I'm running Tokyo. I read somewhere that in order to participate in an ultra marathon, you should complete at least 2 marathons. So, Tokyo- here I come!

Watch Out!

Okay. I'm the type of person that doesn't give a crap about what other people think or say about me. You can tell me nasty things all day long, and I could care less. And, you could even try to hurt my feelings, but I doubt it would work. I've grown up with thick skin. Nothing you say or could do could hurt me. I'm just that kind of person.

However, Husband and Jude are just the opposite. They are incredibly sensitive! Sometimes I have to watch what I say because I might hurt their sensitive feelings. I'm pretty much a heartless bitch...except when it comes to my family. My husband and son mean everything to me. They are my world. Everything I do is for them, and I would never say or do anything to hurt them.

So, with that said...if you hurt my husband or son in any way, whether by your words, your actions or lack of actions, you better be ready to deal with me. Look, you can fuck with me all you want...I don't care. But, when you hurt my son or husband, you better be ready to deal with me- a crazy, heartless beaner, ready to pounce on you. Look, as a mother and wife, it's my job to protect my husband and son....and I take my job very seriously. And, I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy. So, just be warned. Remember, I'm only 4 feet 10 inches tall, and I've got a shit load of hostility I've been waiting to release on someone. So, watch out! You hurt my family, and you've got me to deal with!

That's all I'm going to say about that!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My crazy dream!

So, last night I had this completely bizarre dream.

I dreamt that I was trying to get a job as a Legal Assistant for a small law firm that was based in Houston. It's law office was in a double wide trailer in a trailer park, and the senior law partner was William Shatner--not the skinny Shatner from Star Trek, but the fat, bloated one we now see on Boston Legal. In my dream, Shatner was a slimy, ambulance chaser lawyer that hired me on the spot once I mentioned that I used to work for the best law firm in the state of Texas. He hired me and expected me to spy on the defendant's lawyers across the street. So, I strutted my stuff across the street in 6 inch stilettos. I sat down next to the defendant's attorneys and pretended to work for their law firm to get confidential information about the case. I knew what I was doing was unethical and wrong, but I did it anyways because I didn't want to get fired on my first day on the job. Needless to say, the attorneys figured out that I didn't know a thing about the case and that I didn't work for them. They had me escorted out of the office. Luckily, I was not arrested. I returned to Shatner's law firm without any information pertaining to the case and was instantly fired. Then I woke up.

I know, I have incredibly bizarre dreams. I'm not sure what sparks them, but I have them often-just ask Husband or BJ!

Tokyo Sea Life Park

On the final day of our Tokyo mini-vacation, we visited the Tokyo Sea Life Park. It's basically a huge aquarium filled with various types of sea creatures, including sharks, penguins, and tuna. We enjoyed it but the acoustics in the place were horrible. The walls were made of concrete and it seemed that all the kids were screaming. So, the sound kept bouncing off the walls. It was so loud in there that you had to scream to talk to the person standing next to you. And, Jude doesn't do well with loud noises, probably because he's an only child.

So, here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

(Husband and Jude watching Tuna swim.)

(Here I am standing next to a giant fish. I'm less than 150 centimeters tall.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We love Dinosaurs!

Last Wednesday we went to the Tokyo Natural Science Museum. We loved it! If you've got a kiddo into dinosaurs, you must go here! Since I took Rocks for Jocks (Geology) in undergrad, I love seeing the fossils and dinosaur skeletons.

Jude was a little disappointed the museum didn't have ALL the dinosaurs he knows. But, we were glad to see one of only two complete Triceratops skeletons in the world. We had a great time!

(Here is Jude standing in front of a Gorgonichthys (gore-gun-ICK-theez).)

(Here is a Woolly Mammoth.)

(Here is a skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.)

(Here is one of only 2 complete Triceratops skeletons that have ever been found. We were really excited to see this one!)

(Here is a complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was huge--about 2 stories tall.)

Thomas the Tank Engine

Just below Tokyo Tower, you can find some strategically placed children's rides. Of course, we could not pass up the chance to ride Thomas the Tank Engine!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My guilt ridden mind...

The other day when we were walking around Tokyo, I saw an older gentleman with scares possibly from burn marks. My immediate thought was I wonder if the 'bomb' we dropped caused that? (Again, my guilty conscience has reared it's ugly head.) Even though I had nothing to do with the bomb being dropped in Hiroshima (duh, I wasn't even born, yet), I felt guilty for even thinking that my country (the best country in the world, by the way) could have hurt and killed so many people. I know the reason why we dropped the bomb, and I remember all the American casualties in Pearl Harbor (I've been to Pearl Harbor and seen the underwater relic)...but, still I felt guilty at that moment walking down the street. (I know I'm weird and guilt ridden.) But just the idea that the greatest country in the world could drop a nuke on these honorable, kind people, who have been so great and welcoming to my family and I, made me feel guilty for possibly being from the country that caused the man his injury. I know, I know, I'm wacky and probably need Prozac so I can stop feeling guilty for things that are out of my control. But, this is my blog, and I can talk about whatever I want so...I'm going on...

I haven't been to Hiroshima, yet. And, I want to go. But, going to a place like that takes mental preparation--well, for me it does. I'm not a history buff, but I feel it's important to see these type of sites and learn from them.

I definitely think visiting historic places like Pearl Harbor and Dachou have made me more open minded and sympathetic to others.

When Husband was in Germany and we were dating (kinda sorda), we went to Dachau (a Nazi German concentration camp near Munich). Seeing the crematorium will haunt me forever. I remember walking into a place where hundreds (possible millions) of men, women, and children had been killed. I remember seeing pictures of bodies stacked up waiting to be burned. Seeing those sights still bother me, and I can see them so clearly in my mind. Memories like that never fade, no matter how hard you try.

So, it's amazing how my mind works--seeing an old man with burn scares automatically makes me think the US was responsible. It's amazing how I can feel guilty for something I had no part in. Yet, I am. I guess being a mother has made me more aware of the world and the people in it. I'm aware of a mother's pain no matter where she is in the world. I could only imagine how the mothers felt as they watched their children burn when the bomb was dropped in Hiroshima. And, I can only imagine how the mothers felt when their children were taken from them and shot in Dachau, later to be cremated. I have never felt that type of pain in my life and I pray I never have to.

Yet, I feel guilty knowing my country killed and burned so many civilians during the war. I know the Japanese killed thousands of Americans, too. I've seen their handy work in Pearl Harbor. But, living among Japanese people, it just doesn't seem possible that these kind, honorable people could ever be part of something so terrible.

I know, I need medication...I'm a lunatic...but, I've come to terms with it already....and so has Husband!

One year ago today...

We arrived in Japan one year ago today. So, Happy Anniversary to us! This year has flown by! We have experienced so many new things here in the Land of the Rising Sun. We have made new friends, new goals, and a new home (so to speak). We moved here excited and with an open mind. We have loved living here more than I could have ever imagined. Japan and the Japanese people have been extremely kind to us. Granted, we've been stared at a lot, but, overall, we have felt welcomed and appreciated here. I love this country and everything about it. I feel blessed that I have gotten to live here amongst so many honorable, kind people.

The only downside to living in Japan is not being able to see our family and friends. But, thanks to this silly little blog and the computer, we have been able to keep in touch with ease. And, since YaYa and PoPo are retired, with nothing to do, they have already come to see us once, and they will be on their way here again in December. And, since Sister moved here in July, we've been able to hang out with her and enjoy her company...a little (She is my only sister and older than, she's still bossy!) But, I really do miss the company of my life long BJ and her family, Rice Spice, and JC. I also really miss my running buddies up in North Texas. I think about all my friends and miss making new memories with them. But, again, I feel blessed to live in Japan and to be able to experience so many new things.

In the last year, my son has turned from a toddler to a boy...a booger eating, smart ass, handsome, intelligent, little boy. I feel bad that my son has missed out on seeing his grandparents on a regular basis, but my parents have gone out of their way to make Jude feel loved and thought about. YaYa and PoPo have also made every effort possible to come and see him. I know later on down the road Jude will realize what loving and caring grandparents he has or had. He will look back at his photo albums and see hundreds of pictures of himself hanging out with his grandparents in Japan. He will always remember the great times he had with them here. And, those memories will be priceless, and I'm sure he will carry them with him forever. Again, I'm thankful my parents have the means and the "want to" to come clear across the world so see their only grandson. It means a lot to him and to Husband and I.

And, I'm sure this Christmas will be the best one, yet. My small apartment will be housing us, YaYa, PoPo, and Sister. We'll be like sardines! But, with the Christmas spirit in the air, I'm sure we will have the best time ever. My parents never say it, but their actions definitely show us that family truly does come first. And, I'm glad Jude can see that.

So, Happy One Year Anniversary to us! It's been a great year, and I can't wait to have another great the Land of the Raising Sun!

Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall

Near Shibuya JR train station, there is this wonderful, free, children's play area. It is 6 floors of indoor fun. We spent about 2 hours in the Music Room banging on the drums, xylophone and piano. I loved it, and so did Jude, as you can tell...

Just another day in Weenie's World!