Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Driving in to Downtown Tokyo...driving Mrs. Daisy...

Usually we take the JR train into Downtown Tokyo, because driving in Tokyo is like being a kamikaze airplane pilot...it's a suicide mission- either you will run over someone or crash into something because the streets are SO narrow. But, Sunday we decided to take our chances and drive because we needed to take 5 days worth of crap. So, we filled our Honda mini-van full of crap, and Husband put on his charm like a Southern black gentlemen and drove me, Mrs. Daisy...I mean...Weenie. Here are some pictures I took on our drive in to Downtown.

(You can see Dokomo Tower in the distance.)
(Look at all the signs! See, I told you driving in Tokyo was dangerous! There is nothing worse than a gaijin (foreigner) behind the wheel!)

Thankfully, we made it to our hotel without killing anyone! Praise the Lord!

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