Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jude's 4th Birthday Party at the pool...

Here are some pictures from Jude's birthday party. They are in reverse order. Sorry! I'm too damn tired to fix them so just look at them from bottom to top. I know, I'm a lazy Mexican...I'm a rare find (hee-hee)!

(Here is Jude opening gifts....I hate to do this, but some of the kids wanted to see what Jude got. So, we humored them.)
(Jude was really tired after swimming in the pool. He was one tired Mexipino (as you know, Husband is half Hispanic and half Filipino...and I'm full pepper belly...so that makes our kiddo 3/4 beaner and 1/4 Filipino...so, when it comes time to check ethnicity, we'll choose "other", sorry...I digress!).)

(Here is Jude about to blow out his candle.)

Jude had a great 4th birthday party. We partied until he get fussy and needed a nap.
Thanks to all who came out and helped us celebrate Jude's 4th birthday! Domo arigato gozaimasu (Thank you very much!)!

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