Monday, June 16, 2008

Giant Kitty Litter Box

(This is by PoPo's request...sorry!)

I have always had pets. I grew up with cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, hamsters, and turtles.

In 1986 (I think), our family went on a month long vacation to Vancouver, Canada. We drove in our maroon Chevy van from Texas to Canada for the World's Fair. It was a great vacation that I will always cherish. We camped and stayed in hotels along the way. But, my parents weren't sure what to do about our cats while we were on vacation. At that time, we had 2 cats: Fuzzy and Star. Fuzzy was an orange and white cat that had a huge nose. He was an arrogant ass hole that would attack your leg for no apparent reason. But, at the same time, he would let me dress him up in Cabbage Patch Doll clothes and push him around in a baby stroller. He tolerated my family but loved me. He would sleep with me every night. He endured all the torturous things an 8 year old little girl can do to a silly kitty cat. Star, on the other hand, was a half retarded cat. We found him at my aunt's house when he was just a few days old. His mother had abandoned him. We brought him home and nursed him back to health. We had to feed him with kitty cat baby bottles and cat formula. Fuzzy would get jealous of the attention Star was getting and would steal the nipples off of the bottles we were using to feed Star. So, Star was never taught how to be a cat by his mother because he was abandoned. He acted weird and did weird things. For example, he would suck on random things to comfort himself. Weirdo cat!

So, my dad was too cheap to board our cats for our vacation. The only option was to keep them at home, alone. So, he did what any cheap ass would have done...he made the biggest freaking cat litter box in the world. He went to our local Home Depot store and bought several large pieces of ply wood and some 2 x 4 pieces of wood. He nailed the pieces of wood together and created the biggest fucking cat littler box I had ever seen. After he nailed the wood together, we lined the giant box with giant black plastic bags, and then filled it with about 500 pounds of cat litter. The box was only about 5 inches high and just perfect for the cats to easily hop into to do their business. The giant "Daddy made" cat litter box took up half of our garage. It was about 10 feet by 15 feet, huge I say! It was an awesome site to see the massive cat toilet. Our neighbors came around to check it was fabulous!

So, we went on our vacation and returned 30 days later. When we walked into our garage, the smell of cat urine and poop penetrated your nostrils, but, overall, it really wasn't that bad. The cats had used the box and were happy to have us home. My dad had to let the garage air out for a couple of days, but overall the cat litter box was a success.

My dad is pretty cheap and will do anything to save a buck.....the big ass cat litter box was just one of his many "Daddy Made" contraptions.

Just another day in Weenie's World!


Amanda said...

I can only imagine the aroma that came from your garage after a month of two cats being in there. I will say the huge litter box sounds quite impressive. Your father sounds like quite a man.

Rice Spice said...

PoPo is AWESOME! I can totally see him constructing that huge litter box and being so proud of his innovative creation. I can't even imagine the smell, but I guess since it was in the garage, you really could just air it out. Just you wait until Jude has stories about YOU and the funny things you did when he was growing up...

Anonymous said...

You are right! Po-Po is still Po-Po AND he is still doing his "THING"! You need hear about the Septic tank episode! All in an attempt to SAVE A BUCK!! Sometimes it's a REAL EFFORT to stay sane says Ya-Ya