Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks Mr. #1 for the big ass roller slide!

So, Mr. #1 took us here after the Iris Festival. This is the second longest roller slide in Japan. It was the MOST fun I've had in years!! We had to climb up this big ass hill and then slide down the slide on a large piece of was kinda like a boogie board that you sat on. We shot down the hill like bats out of Hell! It was awesome! We were there for about an hour, and we went down the slide about 4 times. The slide was 300 meters long.

(I took this picture as I was sliding down. As you can see, Jude crashed into my ass because I was going to slow.)

(Here is Jude sliding behind me. You can see Husband behind Jude. Husband slid down on his feet, so he could go faster.)

(Lovely picture, huh?! I took it as we were sliding down.)

(Jude was going so fast! He loved it. We will definitely return to this park. It was so much fun I nearly wet my pants!)

(Here is Mr. #1 waiting for us. He was kind enough to take pictures of us.)


(I was going so fast I thought I was going to fly off. This slide is the best!)

(You can see how freakin' long it is. Cool, huh?!)

(Jude loved the slide. He was sad when we had to leave.)

Mr. #1 was our personal tour guide and chauffeur for the day. It was very kind of him to take us to all of these wonderful places.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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