Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks Mr. #1 for the Temple!

So, after the roller slide, Mr. #1 took us to this beautiful temple and cemetery. This was our third stop of the day. The cemetery was up an a hill over looking the city of Ome. It was really lovely.

(Here is what at typical Japanese cemetery looks like. They typically leave flowers and food at their loved one's grave.)

(Since we were at a Buddhist Temple, there was a little statue of Buddha sleeping. I thought it was cute.)

(Here is Jude patting sleeping Buddha's head.)

(Here is Jude sitting on Buddha's head. This can't be good!!)



(Here is a big ass tree. We estimate that it was about 1,000 years old.)

(Here I am trying to hug the big ass tree.)

(WOW!! It's a big ass tree!!)

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