Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thanks Mr. #1 for the Iris Festival

On Saturday, one of my Japanese adult students, Mr. #1, took me, Husband and Jude on the most exciting adventure ever!! Here are some pics from our wonderful day. Enjoy!

(Our first stop was the Ome Iris Festival. They had 200 different varieties of Irises. It was really beautiful.)

(Here is Jude acting silly, as usual!)

(WOW!! My camera takes awesome pictures, don't you think?!!)

Mr. #1 is 70 years old. However, he gets around quite well. In fact, he left us in the dust a few times when we were walking around. Japanese people do not age like Americans. Mr. #1 and his wife still walk about 6 miles a day for exercise! Can you believe that?! I know lots of 30 something Americans that can't walk 6 miles! Mr. #1 came to our apartment and picked us up for our adventure. This was our first stop.

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