Monday, August 31, 2009

Tokyo Marathon 2010

It's official. I just put my name in the hat for Tokyo Marathon 2010. Since over 50,000 people want to run the race, they have a lottery system that will choose the lucky 30,000 runners. I'm sure I'll get in. Since the marathon is labeled an international event, they need foreigners to run in it. So, I expect to get my confirmation e-mail sometime in October.

With that said, it is time to get back to training. I'm really looking forward to it this year. I'm ready to hit the road and cover the distance. I'm ready to start running with my running buddies. I'm ready to make this marathon the best one, yet. I'm ready. Wish me luck!

So, tomorrow morning I'll be hitting the road for an easy 5 mile run. Ahhh, I love to run!

(I'm so glad I found my running mojo. I think it was at the base of Mt. Fuji!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrong birds

When Jude woke up this morning, his hair was crazy. I mean C-R-A-Z-Y, CRAZY! The hair on the right and left sides of his head was standing straight up. It looked like he had horns. Actually, he looked like the guy pictured above.

So, as I saw him walking down the hall, I yelled out, "Hey there flock of, of, of...eagles!"

Husband looked at me and said, "Seagulls!"

"Whatever," I replied.

"Eagles don't flock, " Husband said in a condescending manner.

I just rolled my eyes and said, "You know what I mean."

Just another day in Weenie's World!

To remind me of home

A Hibiscus flower on my porch.

I recently bought this Hibiscus plant at the local nursery. It reminds me of my parent's house and the 1o Hibiscus plants my dad has in his backyard. To me, the large, pink flowers represent Texas and all of its beauty.

Friday, August 28, 2009

3 things you'll need to survive motherhood

Baby Jude, 10 minutes old.

Okay, we are now entering the baby zone!

Life goes in cycles. Ten years ago was the party zone. You know, were you went out ever night, drank yourself silly, danced on tables, and then had to clean yourself up for your job the next morning. About 7 years ago was the marrying zone. It seems everyone got married at the same time. There were weddings to attend almost once a month. Now is the baby zone. Everyone is either pregnant or experiencing their first year with their new addition.

So, here are a few words of advice for all of the women out there entering the baby zone. First, you will need a few things to survive this period in your life. Here are a few tools you will need to succeed:
  1. CONCEALER! Yes, start stocking up now. If they have it at Costco, you should definitely buy it in bulk! Okay, with sleepless nights, from peeing every 10 minutes--courtesy of a fetus sitting on your bladder--or as a result of a newborn crying every 2 hours around the clock, either way you WILL need to wear concealer in public places. Otherwise, you will resemble a zombie from Night of the Living Dead! This is not an option, ladies! For our sake, and for your husband's sake, please hide those dark circles and bags under your eyes! Motherhood is hard enough, but you don't need to walk around looking like shit!

  2. BIRTH CONTROL! Yes, I just wrote BIRTH CONTROL! Look, just because you have a child, it doesn't mean your sex life has to end. Yes, I know you are exhausted, I know you have milk leaking from your boobs, I know you probably have no desire, but, remember, you were a wife and lover to your husband before you became a mom. Just because you take on the title of Mommy, it doesn't mean you lose your title as your husband's lover! Too often, new moms forget about their husbands. I know a newborn is demanding! Believe me, I've been there! (Remember, I nursed my kid for 16 months!) In fact, my kid STILL doesn't sleep through the night. He comes to my bed almost every night for a visit, and he's almost 5 years old! So, I know how you feel. I'm tired, too! But our husbands have needs, too! And, it is YOUR job to fulfill them. Yes, I just said it's YOUR job! (Please feel free to write me hate mail. I look forward to it!) When you married your husband, you agreed to be a team forever. And as a teammate, you have an obligation to stay in the game- NO MATTER WHAT! You have to be there for your husband, too. Often times, women lose themselves in their children and their husbands become chopped liver. Don't let that happen to your husband. He deserves more! So, don't stop being your husband's lover, ever!

  3. EXERCISE EQUIPMENT! Okay, chances are you gained a few pounds from pregnancy. That's normal. But carrying around baby weight when your kid goes off to college is not acceptable! And, wearing maternity clothes a year after your kid is born is NOT okay! So, after your kid arrives, invest in a good pair of walking/running shoes and a baby jogger, or a workout video, or a gym membership that has free child care. You need to work out and be healthy for your family. You need to have a healthy BMI, so you can be a good example for your child. You need to show your kid that moms can be strong and kick ass, too! Plus, after you work out, you'll be too tired to strangle your husband and your child. You won't have the energy to beat your kid! So, it's a plus for everyone! Everyone will benefit from your workout!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paradise, here we come!

The Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa

This is where we will be going next weekend! I'm so excited. I'm as giddy as a school girl! This is Husband's official birthday present. I've been saving up my money for something special, and, well, this is it.

As you know, I teach English for a living. Recently, I've been substitute teaching for a friend and making extra Yen. So, now I can take Husband to one of his favorite places on earth...Hawaii! Luckily, I was able to get a great deal on So, staying at the Hilton on Waikiki beach won't cost us an arm and a leg. I love last minute vacation deals!

So, if you'll be in Hawaii next weekend, let me know. Maybe we could meet up! Or, if you would like to join us, check out Travelocity's great deals!

In my shoes

Yes, these are my feet.

Every now and then I reflect back and think, Boy, I'm one lucky bitch! It's not that I forget how lucky I am. It's just that sometimes I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Well, after a great 5 mile run this morning at 6 AM, it dawned on me again. I am incredibly blessed! I've got a great Husband and a great kid. I've got great friends all around the world. And, I'm pretty healthy, with the exception of my bunk ass lungs. Basically, I've got everything I need. For that, I'm glad I'm in my shoes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The date that sticks

Okay, today is Husband's birthday. I know, I've already mentioned that today. But the only reason why I know today is Husband's birthday is because it's written on my calendar.

You see, for the life of me, I cannot remember Husband's date of birth. I know the year and the month, but I just can't remember the day. I've tried writing it over and over, in hopes of making it stick, but nothing works. Nothing!

On the other hand, I can still remember my High School Sweetheart's (HSS) birthday. His birthday is April 17, 1978. Maybe HSS's birthday will always be permanently implanted into my brain, or maybe it will disappear in 30 years. Keep in mind, HSS and I dated some 17 years ago. That's right, I said 17 years ago. Damn, I feel old now!

Perhaps my brain only has space for one man's birthday. It's just unfortunate it's not my husband's!

The beetle not The Beatles

Today, as I walked out of my apartment, I saw this guy or gal sitting on the moss next to the tree in the parking lot of my apartment complex. I couldn't resist taking its picture.

Since I live in Tokyo, Japan, I've noticed the lack of wildlife that exists here. It's almost creepy to see nothing but people. There are no lizards, no snakes, no interesting birds, no ducks in ponds, no wild turkeys, no coyotes, no foxes, no raccoons, no squirrels, no prairie dogs, no wild alligators, no bunny rabbits, no anything. Since I'm a Texan, through and through, it's hard for me to live in a place where nothing exists but people. It's almost like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. It's eerily quiet here, with the exception of car horns and diesel engines blaring. There are no wildlife sounds.

The only creatures that do exist are pigeons, crows, ants, giant cockroaches, and the occasional beetle or praying mantis. And this really bothers me!

So, when I see a live creature moseying around, I feel compelled to capture it on my camera. It might be another year before I see a live creature again!

Today is Husband's birthday

Husband is now 39 years old!

This morning started off like any other morning, except I had to call YaYa so she could tell Husband Happy Birthday over the phone. It's not that she forgets his birthday, she just can't figure out what day it is here in Japan. Since we are a day ahead of you people in the States, it's understandable that she gets confused. Hell, I still get confused, too!

Since it's Wednesday here, I had to work this morning. Luckily, I got off work at noon, and Husband and I were able to have lunch together. Why is "lunch" italicized, you ask? Well, "lunch" is what married people do together when their 4 year old is at preschool! Get the picture?! So, that was my present to Husband, along with a homemade German chocolate cake.

I'm glad Husband is a simple man, because I'm a simple woman!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby daddy! I love you!


The other day on Facebook I mentioned I was eating WAY too much chocolate. In response to my comment, Big D sent me this picture. Enough said!
Okay, if I offend you, I'm sorry! Don't blame me, though! Blame Big D!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My sister wears me out

As you know, Sister recently visited us. She lives up north in Akita Prefecture (she also teaches English) and decided to come down for a visit in the early part of August. She also accompanied us to Kyoto.

Well, on the way to Kyoto, a classic Sister moment occurred. It went something like this: We woke up at 4 AM on Thursday morning to catch the first train into Tokyo station. Since I live in the suburbs of Tokyo, it takes about an hour to get to Tokyo station, which was where we were headed. We had to be at Tokyo station by 6:30 AM in order to catch the Shinkasen, the bullet train, to Kyoto. Luckily, we made all the trains without any problems. However, at Tokyo station I mentioned to the group (Husband, myself, Sister, Rin (Husband's cousin's daughter), and Jude) that I would be the keeper of the Shinkasen tickets. Since the tickets were smaller than a credit card, I was afraid they might get lost as we hurried through the train station. Well, when I mentioned I would keep the tickets for everyone, Sister said, "Who the hell do you think I am... I'm not a fucking moron...I can keep track of my own damn ticket!" So, with that, I handed Sister her ticket and prayed she wouldn't lose it.

Thirty minutes later we found our seats on the Shinkasen and got comfortable for the 3 hour train ride to Kyoto. After about 15 minutes, the train conductor came through to check our tickets and stamp them. I carefully removed the 4 remaining tickets from my wallet and handed them to the conductor. Sister, on the other hand, couldn't find her ticket.

Yes, I know, Karma is a bitch!

I desperately tried to tell the conductor, in my half-ass Japanese, that Sister had lost her ticket, and we would try to look for it. The conductor responded by saying, "I come back soon."

So, Sister emptied out her purse and her suitcase and searched everything she had, in hopes of finding the missing ticket.

Since I had paid for the tickets in advance (they cost about 25,000 Yen or $250 each), I had a receipt showing payment for 5 consecutive seats: A, B, C, D, and E. I was hoping that the receipt would be sufficient, and Sister would not get kicked off the train.

After another hour of so, with Sister still searching and searching, the conductor returned. I informed the conductor that we still hadn't found the ticket, but I showed her the receipt for payment of the 5 tickets. She told me to show the receipt at the train station in Kyoto.

After another 30 minutes or so, Sister put her hand in her bra and discovered the missing ticket. That's right! Sister had put the ticket in her giant bra for safe keeping. Unfortunately, SHE IS A MORON! And she had forgotten where she had put the damn thing!

All we could do was laugh our asses off! In fact, we are still laughing!

The winds have changed direction

This picture was taken in November 2007 at Showa Memorial Park.

I walked out of my apartment this morning and was met by a cool breeze. It felt amazing! For the first time in 2 months, the air seemed lighter, and it didn't suffocate me. Ah, happiness!

Don't laugh

This is my Yamaha Clavinova. This was the best gift Husband ever bought me!

(This is wrong on so many different levels, but I thought I would share anyways.)
As you know, I am totally in love with the Twilight books. Well, I also love the soundtrack. So, I went on-line and downloaded the piano music to Bella's Lullaby, the song Edward plays for Bella in the movie. I love it!

I know, I'm a dork, but a piano playing dork!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Out of the darkness

No, you haven't stumbled upon someone else's blog. This is still Weenie's World. But I decided to change my blog layout and template. Instead of black, the background is now white. In my opinion, my photos look better behind a white background, so, thus, the change.

And, the font has changed. I'm not the same person I was a year ago when I started this blog. I've changed and grown. I'm a little older and, hopefully, a little wiser. I wanted my font to reflect my changes.

What do you think? Do you like the the blog, that is?

Seasons change

I took this picture 2 weeks ago at the park.

Today I walked out of my apartment and stepped on some crunchy leaves. At first, I thought they were roaches but soon realized they were just leaves. Fall is near!

Busy little bee

So, I've been really busy the last few days. I would write a long, boring list of all the festivals, parties and dinners I've been to in the last 48 hours, but it would probably bore you to tears. So, I'll spare you that. Just know that I haven't forgotten about you, my blogging buddies!
And today, I've got a ton of domestic tasks to get done. I just wish I had a little French maid costume to wear. That would make washing dishes and doing laundry much more entertaining and interesting! Right?!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is the one

This picture was taken at last year's Tokyo Marathon.

I declare: Tokyo Marathon 2010 will be my best marathon ever! I'm determined to make this one go in the record books. I'm ready to make this marathon the one I can brag about. You know, the one where I run it in 4 hours and 30 minutes and don't have kooter issues. The one where people say,
"Wow, you ran a marathon in 4 hours and 30 minutes even though you have bunk ass lungs?! Quite impressive!"
Yes, this will be the one. Mark my words, I will succeed this time or die trying!

And in preparation for the big day, February 28, 2010, I will do my best to train under the harshest conditions. That way, I will be prepared for whatever is thrown my way. Hail, wind, ice, snow, menstrual cramps...bring it on! This year I won't let a little thing like 50 mile per hour winds, sideways rain, or menstrual cramps bring me down. No, this year I will prevail.

So, let the marathon training begin!

(Anyone want to join me? Any takers? Come on, it'll be fun!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too much damn moss!

Moss and more moss! Everything is covered in green moss. I'm tired of green moss! Will someone please kill all the freaking moss?! I want things to be their original or natural color. Rocks and tree trunks shouldn't be green! It's unnatural!

Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

All of these pictures were taken with my new Nikon camera. It totally kicks ass!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Okay, last week we had 3 fairly large earthquakes. As you know, I'm a fruitcake. I'm a slightly deranged, germ-a-phobe who is always wigging out about any little shift in the ground. So last week, when we had 3 earthquakes in 3 days, I was beside myself.

To me, a midget, Mexican, momma from Texas, there is nothing creepier or scarier than an earthquake. Seriously! There aren't very many things in the world that are constant, that's for sure, but the ground you walk on should never shake, shimmy, roll, rattle or grumble beneath your feet. THAT SHOULD NOT happen! Ever! PERIOD!

Unfortunately, I live in Tokyo, Japan. Yes, in the Ring of Fire! So, earthquakes are common. But 3 EARTHQUAKES IN 3 DAYS?! What the freak?!

So, in preparation for the big one--you know, the biggest freaking quake where Tokyo falls into the ocean, and my apartment building collapses on me, and I'm stuck under a pile of rubble forced to drink my own pee and eat nothing but Vienna sausages to stay alive, yes-that ONE...well, I checked and rechecked my emergency supplies, stocked up on water and even thought about going to confession. I only thought about it though, and that's half the battle. I figure if the big one happens, I want to die with a clear conscience. But since I'm only a half-ass Catholic, I never made it to church. In fact, the last time I went to confession, I was 15 years old and preparing to become a confirmed Catholic. I remember having to say WAY more Hail Marys and Our Fathers than the rest of the kids in my confirmation class. I just figured I was slightly more evil and disturbed than the rest of the kids. I guess nothing has changed. I digress.

So, I'm scared shitless about experiencing the BIG ONE. I have no desire to ever feel what that is like!

But if it does happen, know that I am prepared.

And if my building does collapse around me, to find me, just look for all the dogs. Dogs love Vienna sausages!

The dread-mill

So, I went to the gym and ran on the dread-mill. I felt like the poor hamster pictured here. It sucked, but at least I ran!

I was hoping to find my running mojo at the gym. Unfortunately, it wasn't there. But I've got to keep looking for it! Tokyo Marathon 2010 is only 6 months away!

Just what the doctor ordered

...running shoes.

They're on and laced up. I'm ready. Now I just have to get out the door.

Baby steps.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rin has left the building

It's official, Rin's vacation is over. She is headed to the airport with Husband. Here are a few more pictures from her visit. Enjoy!
...wearing a Yukata at a festival in town...
...on the train...
...with the giant Buddha... Kamakura...
...still in Kamakura... Harajuku... Roppongi... my English class in Ome with Sister...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

While being held captive the 14 year old, we went to Kyoto. Here are a few pictures from the trip. Enjoy!