Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today is Husband's birthday

Husband is now 39 years old!

This morning started off like any other morning, except I had to call YaYa so she could tell Husband Happy Birthday over the phone. It's not that she forgets his birthday, she just can't figure out what day it is here in Japan. Since we are a day ahead of you people in the States, it's understandable that she gets confused. Hell, I still get confused, too!

Since it's Wednesday here, I had to work this morning. Luckily, I got off work at noon, and Husband and I were able to have lunch together. Why is "lunch" italicized, you ask? Well, "lunch" is what married people do together when their 4 year old is at preschool! Get the picture?! So, that was my present to Husband, along with a homemade German chocolate cake.

I'm glad Husband is a simple man, because I'm a simple woman!

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby daddy! I love you!

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