Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The date that sticks

Okay, today is Husband's birthday. I know, I've already mentioned that today. But the only reason why I know today is Husband's birthday is because it's written on my calendar.

You see, for the life of me, I cannot remember Husband's date of birth. I know the year and the month, but I just can't remember the day. I've tried writing it over and over, in hopes of making it stick, but nothing works. Nothing!

On the other hand, I can still remember my High School Sweetheart's (HSS) birthday. His birthday is April 17, 1978. Maybe HSS's birthday will always be permanently implanted into my brain, or maybe it will disappear in 30 years. Keep in mind, HSS and I dated some 17 years ago. That's right, I said 17 years ago. Damn, I feel old now!

Perhaps my brain only has space for one man's birthday. It's just unfortunate it's not my husband's!

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