Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The lost car

This is a classic Weenie moment, so enjoy!

Sunday night I walked down to the parking lot to get in my car and go pick up Sister from the train station. But I couldn't find my car. It wasn't there in its usual spot. So, I went back upstairs and asked Husband if he had parked it in a different location. He said it was next to our van in the parking lot. I assured him that it wasn't there. We assumed my car had been stolen. But since I didn't have time to deal with the stolen car (I needed to pick up my sister at the train station), I hopped in our mini-van and headed for the train station.

As I was driving to the train station, I thought about all the possible scenarios for the location of my car. How could it have disappeared? Could it really be stolen? Surely my car would not get stolen in Japan, I thought to myself. So, I recounted all of the previous days' events. Then, it struck me like a lightning bolt: THE CAR IS STILL PARKED IN THE BASEMENT. HOLY SHIT!!

You see, on Saturday I went grocery shopping. I parked in the loading dock in the basement, so I could unload my groceries, and then take them up to our fifth floor apartment. After I unloaded the groceries, I returned back to the basement to take out the trash, but I never moved the car. Then, on Sunday afternoon, I didn't drive, Husband did. So, I never realized the car was missing until Sunday night when I had to pick up Sister.

When I realized the location of the car, I called Husband on my cell phone and told him to check in the basement.

When I arrived home, I drove under the building and there it was. IN THE LOADING DOCK! I quickly moved the car and ran upstairs.

I think Husband wanted to choke me. Luckily, Sister was there as a witness! Husband mentioned that he was about to call the police and report a stolen car. I can't imagine how the story would have turned out if he had!

Just another day in Weenie's World!


Tara said...

Don't worry, Friend, it has happened to us as well. Only my husband left it down there and he left the hazard lights on, so when I went looking for the car in the morning to go to work (and we finally figured out where it was) the battery was dead. I had to call the police and ask them not to ticket me because I would be able to move it after work but it needed a jump to be able to move. :) And then I had to take a taxi to work because it was when I worked a 30 minute walk away, Husband didn't have time to take me and I was already 15 minutes late after we found the car. Good times...

Anonymous said...

I thought it only happened to seniors during our "senior moments"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel much better!! Try loosing your car in an 8th. floor parking garage at the doctor's office!!!!We had to get security to drive us around until we found the car!!!!!!!!!! That happened a few years ago when we lived in Houston. From then on I make it a point to double check where I park, even if it's at the grocery store!!!! I never thought it also happened to the "young folks"!!!