Saturday, August 1, 2009


This week is going to be extremely busy. On Monday, Sister is coming down from Akita Prefecture (Japan) and staying with us for about a week. Then, on Tuesday, Husband's cousin's 14 year old daughter comes to Japan (I'll call her Rin).

So, Rin will be here August 4-18. I'm very excited to have her come and stay with us. It might be a little awkward to have a young teenage girl staying with us, but I'm up for the challenge. After all, I'm young at heart, and Rin is very sweet. So, we should get along great. I've got tons of things planned for her visit here. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all of us (Husband, me, Jude, Sister, and Rin) will be going to Kyoto. It should be a blast.

So, if my blog posts are few and far between, you will know why. But I'll be taking tons of pictures with my new camera and downloading them daily, hopefully.

But now I'm must go grocery shopping and continue cleaning my apartment. I hate to have a messy apartment when visitors come!


Anonymous said...

All those visitors aren't gonna cut into the " Leo's back " bedroom celebration, are they ?

Weenie said...

What?! There's always a celebration in my bedroom, and I'm not talking about the farting contests!