Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playdoh Puppy

This is what Jude created this morning. YaYa told him to make a dog, and he actually did. I just had to share! (He was on the phone with YaYa.)

The puppy has 2 ears, a nose, a body, a tail (attached to the back-as it should be), and a head. Good job, Jude!

Vagina...the word of the day!

So, Jude is home again because of the runs. The laxative is working overtime!!

Jude has made up a song about eating vaginas. He was singing it on the phone to YaYa this morning. It was hilarious! We use the anatomically correct words for our bodies. We don't use sissy words like pee-pee for penis or biscuit for vagina. I guess we are quite clinical, if you will. (Keep in mind, both my parents are/were nurses (R.N.'s) and Husband's mom is also a nurse.) So, Jude has always called his private part penis. Recently, he discovered that mommy doesn't have a penis. He asked me what I have, and I told him...mommy has a vagina. Now, every time I go to the restroom, he wants to know what's going on. And, when Husband uses the restroom, he has to watch, too!

So, yesterday Jude was making up a song, as usual. This time the song was about eating vaginas. I don't think he knew what he was saying, and he didn't repeat it until this morning when he was on the phone with YaYa, chatting up a storm. He kept singing "I like to eat vaginas, I like to eat vaginas, I like to eat vaginas!" YaYa thought it was funny. We couldn't help but laugh. And, the laughing just encouraged him to keep singing.

It's good thing we live in another country where most people don't understand us. I'm sure Jude will sing his new vagina song out in public, but it won't matter because most people won't understand. Thank God for that!!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

****Side bar-- I used Blogger's spell check, and it kept trying to change the plural word vaginas to vagina's. I even checked the dictionary, and the plural of vagina is vaginas or vaginae not vagina's. The word vagina's is possessive. So, could someone please tell the people over at Blogger to fix that. Thanks! (Hee-hee)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hello Sister!

Here are some pictures I took from our visit with Sister. I took these pictures in the lobby of Sister's hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. She left the hotel this morning and should be in Akita by now.

Jude was very excited to see her. He kept asking for her on Sunday. When he woke up on Monday morning, the first thing he said was "Where's my aunt?" It was so cute.

He can't wait to see her again in October.

Rock-a-Billy Japanese Style!

Near Harajuku Station is a park called Yoyogi Park. On Sunday afternoon, grown men slick their hair back and pretend to be rock stars. They dance around and rock out to rock 'n roll music. It was awesome. When I officially retire, I think I'll join these guys and dance my ass off!

(They were wearing leather pants and it was about 95 degrees!!)
(Look at this guy's hair!!! How awesome!!)
(They were kind enough to take pictures with us.)
(Move over Elvis!! The shirtless guy was sooo sexy! Hee-hee!)

More of Harajuku!

This is the famous street near Harajuku Station. We went on Sunday, and it was really crowded.

(This is a food court area in Harajuku. Look at all the people!!)
(Here are 2 Harajuku girls. They dress like cartoon characters.)

(This is the store where you can by cartoonish fashions.)

Harajuku Revisited!

Before our visit with Sister, we took the train to Harajuku. Husband hadn't been there before, so we thought we would check it out.

Here we are at the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

(Man, look at all that wine!)
(This is the largest Torri in Japan, again!)

(When we went, someone was getting married. Look how beautiful they look!)

Music in my mind...

Sometime I hear music, and I'm not sure if other people hear it, too. I'm not sure if someone is playing the radio off in the distance or if my brain is making up the music. Bizarre, huh? Or, perhaps I'm just replaying a song in my brain that I heard earlier in the day. Who knows? And, when I ask Jude if hears the music too, he always says he does. Maybe both of us are crazy, and we are both tuned into the same imaginary radio station.
Sometimes I feel like I'm in a bad episode of Ally McBeal with Vonda Shepard playing in the back ground.
(By the way, I love to watch Ally McBeal re-runs!)

Waiting no more!

So, the explosion happened. And, it was just explosion and then a waterfall. Sorry for the details, but I feel the need to share.

Jude is feeling much better. He said his tummy no longer hurts. I think the play date this morning helped to get things moving. He and his friend were running around the apartment like maniacs today. I think that got his bowels moving. However, now I think he has the runs. The prescription laxative worked too well! Hopefully, his runny butt will stop soon!

This I believe...

Have you heard of "This I Believe" radio series on NPR? I think it originates from a radio series back in the 1950's. It is simply a 350 word essay about what you believe. You can find them at this website along with directions on how to write you our own "This I Believe Essay."

I used to hear them on the radio when we lived in Texas. I used to look forward to hearing them being read in the author's own voice. Some are sad, some are inspirational, and some are just fun.

Someday soon I will submit my essay.

The Waiting Game!

So, yesterday we started Jude on a laxative to help him go. He went once yesterday, but it wasn't the "event" that the doctor had mentioned or that we had hoped for. It was more like rabbit pellets. Sorry for that visual! So, Jude is hanging out today with me at home. We scheduled a play date to keep him entertained until the explosive event occurs. I figured it was best to keep him home and near his own facilities seeing as how the kid doesn't like to use other toilets so much. So, we are now playing the waiting game! At least now he's not hunched over moaning and groaning. Now, he seems fine and was even jumping on the bed earlier this morning. And, he finally stopped saying that his butt hole hurts. Praise Jesus for that!!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Plugged Up!

We got back from Shinjuku yesterday. The visit with Sister was great. I'll tell you more about that later...right now I'm dealing with a constipated kid. Jude is backed up beyond belief. I think when I was in Singapore, Husband forgot to give the kids fluids. As a result, the kid is pooping bricks...that is, when he CAN poop. So, today I took him to the doctor for an enema. The doctor thought a gentle laxative would be easier and less messy. I agreed. So, today Jude stayed home from school. I think I'll keep him home again tomorrow. Because the doc mentioned that when Jude does go, he's really going to GO!! He mentioned something about it being an explosive event. So, with that warning, I'll keep him home so that his teacher won't have to deal with that. Wish me luck!

I think I'll just wear a rain coat and rubber gloves all day tomorrow in preparation for the event. (Hee-hee)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

"I want to make cookies for her!"

So, Sister will be here in approximately 36 hours. Jude is very excited to see her. We have 3 packages waiting to send to her at her permanent residence. And, we just made a greeting card welcoming her to Japan. We will go see her tomorrow at her hotel. She will be in Tokyo for 4 days. Then, she will fly to Akita Prefecture to live permanently or at least for the next year... or until she chokes someone and then is deported back to the States.

Jude wants to make chocolate chip cookies for her as a welcoming present. So, off we go to make cookies.

Friday, July 25, 2008

He just noticed!

Okay. So, Grass, our beloved Goldfish, died about a month ago. I was going to go buy a new one to replace Grass, but I never made it to the pet store. I must have seen something shiny that day and was drawn to it.... So, Grass was never replaced. We only have the small constipated Guppy in the tank.

Well, today Jude was looking at the aquarium and noticed we only have one fish. This was our conversations:

"Mommy, Mommy...we only have one fish," Jude screamed.

"What?!" I yelled back.

"There's only one fish, mommy!" he said.

"I'm sure the other one is in there somewhere," I told him.

"But I don't see it, mommy," he replied.

"Keep looking baby, he's got to be in there somewhere!" I told him, trying not to laugh.

So, Jude stood there for about 10 minutes looking for Grass, the Goldfish. Of course, he's not in there because he was floater about a month ago, and I flushed him down to be with the rest of Japan's dead pet fish. Keep in mind that we only have a 2 gallon aquarium, so there aren't many places for fish to hide.

Anyways, Jude got bored looking for Grass after 10 minutes and moved on to something else.

So, today maybe we'll actually buy a new goldfish...maybe..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I've got mange!

Okay, so I've had this weird rash for about 6 months now. I went to the doctor for it awhile back, and he gave me a cream to apply daily. I used the cream for about a week and then stopped. The cream burned like Hell when I applied it, so naturally I stopped using it.

So, today I had another doctor's appointment because of this weird lump I have on my inner, it's not a testicle! Even though I have imaginary balls bigger than most men, it's not a testicle! (Hee-hee...I just couldn't resist.) I've had the lump for about a year. But, now it's starting to change colors. So, I made the appointment so the doc could check it out. The doctor thinks the lump might be ringworm. Can you believe that! He asked if I had pets, and I told him that we used to. So, the doctor examined the lump and said perhaps it's ringworm. He gave me a new medication to try on the spot. He said to come back in 2 weeks for a follow up appointment. Can you believe that?! A grown 30-ish woman with possible ringworm??? What the hell??? If the cream doesn't work in 2 weeks, they might have to biopsy it.

So, after the doc looked at the lump, he noticed my rash....actually, I modeled...I mean..I showed him my various itchy spots, as I call them. I told him I've had the mange for several months now, and I told him what the previous doctor had prescribed. He was shocked by the medication I was prescribed. I told him that it burned when I applied it. Turns out that the first cream was probably making my mange/rash actually worse. It was a steroid cream that was actually making my body work harder to repair itself. What the freak??!! I guess that's why they call it "Practicing Medicine," huh?!

So, with my new creams, hopefully my mange and ringworm will clear up. Wish me luck!

(By the way, I think both of the quacks are wrong! I think I have a fatty mass tumor on my thigh...similar to what Bobo (our old Czech dog) had removed (that's what they diagnosed me with back in Texas). It's not serious; it's just there. But, for shits and giggles, I wouldn't mind it if they biopsied it. I would love to see myself as pathology.

(I know, I'm one sick little Mexican momma!)

I missed one again!

So, last night, around midnight, we had another earthquake...6.8 to be exact. It occurred somewhere off Honshu Island, I think. But, I didn't feel a thing! I've been feeling like crap for the last few days, so I took a Zyrtec last night before bed. I've got a killer sore throat and mucus running down the back of my throat...YUMMY! So, I took some medicine before bed and was conked out when the quake happened. When I take Zyrtec, it totally knocks me out. So, I slept right through my second earthquake.

When I woke up, Husband said, "Did you feel that one last night?"

"Feel what?" I asked in a confused state.

"The earthquake! It happened right after midnight," he said.

"Nope, I didn't feel a thing. I was in a drug induced coma and didn't feel a thing," I told him.

"Well, Jude's closet door was rockin' and rollin' and that's what woke me up," he said.

"Hmmm. Nope, I didn't hear or feel a thing," I told him.

"Sorry," he said.

DAMN IT!! Husband has felt 2 earthquakes now, and I've felt ZERO! I'm usually the more observant one!! How is this possible?! Damn him!

This is what CNN Asia said about it:

Just another day in Weenie's World!

***Sorry, but my original post said "soar throat." You know that I meant to say "sore throat." Look, I never claimed to be a genius or even a good speller for that matter. (Thanks Big D for pointing out my inadequacies!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paradise Hotel

(This was the view from the front door of our hotel room.)

This is the Siloso Beach Resort. This is where we stayed after the hostel. It had a beautiful water fall that cascaded into the swimming pool. The swimming pool was awesome with 2 slides that I just couldn't resist.

The reception area was located through the meandering walkway through the trees. It was like a tree house in a rain forest.

This place was like heaven. I recommend it to everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello Dolly

Dolly is new tropical storm/hurricane that is supposed to hit South Texas sometime this week. Since most of you that I know and love live in Texas, please keep an eye out for her!

Remember to:

1. Fill your bath tubs with water
2. Buy drinking water, batteries, flashlights, canned food, dog food (I once heard that in a dire situation, dog food can provide perfect nutrition--it has just the right amount of fat, protein, and can survive for days on a huge bag of it....but it DOES taste like dog food, so I don't recommend it...that is, unless you have to...I digress...sorry!
3. Check on your neighbors and friends to make sure they are okay
4. Board up windows, if necessary
5. Fill your car with gas in case you have to get the Hell out of Dodge
6. Have cash on hand (in case the power goes out and ATMs don't work)
7. Take care of one another
8. If you can, be a good neighbor and clean up your street--I remember during Tropical Storm Allison that streets flooded because of debris, like trash cans, blocked the drainage ditches in the streets.

Remember, we are Texans! We are better than just average Americans! We come from the only state that matters. So, in times of emergency or natural disaster, conduct yourselves as noble Texans! Show the world that we are bigger and better than the rest! Yee-haw!!

Tiger Beer!

They sell Tiger Beer in Singapore. It goes down smooth without being too filling. They were quite enjoyable.

Alpha Mom and I sat here at this bar on the beach for about 3 hours. We sat drinking and talking. Needless to say, 7 beers and 2 Singapore Slings later we really got to know one another. I really enjoyed hearing about her trials and tribulations. And, I realized that we are more alike that we knew. It was a good time, and I'm glad I shared it with her!

Thanks Alpha Mom for Singapore!

(My liver still hurst from this night!)

Taped Light Switch

This story also happened "Pre-Husband." BJ lived with me at this time, too.

So, again it had been raining. Keep in mind, this was Houston. In Houston, it seriously rains cats 'n dogs on a regular basis. So, on this evening, it had been raining badly. I went to turn on the ceiling fan/light in the bedroom of our apartment, and all of sudden smoke started pouring out from the fan. I immediately flipped the switch. The smoke stopped. BJ saw what had happened. We both got a bit scared thinking that our apartment was going to catch fire, and we would burn up like match sticks. So, I waited for the fire alarm to go off, but it never did. Turns out we didn't have a fire alarm in our apartment. How that slipped passed us is beyond me! So, that night we called our maintenance guy to come fix the smoking fan and to install a fire alarm. I was pretty upset that we had been living in an apartment for several months with no fire alarm. And, I was pretty insistent that the maintenance guy come right away in the pouring rain. Well, while we were waiting for the guy to come, we realized that water was dripping through the ceiling right onto the fan. The pouring rain had caused a leak right above the fan. So, when we turned on the fan, the water from the leak got onto the motor of the fan causing it to smoke when we turned it on.

So, the maintenance guy banged on the door...he was Mexican and didn't speak much English. We let him in, and we showed him the fan. He disconnected some wires to the fan and that was all. He told us not to turn it on again. He said he would come the next day with proper tools to fix it. So, before he left the room, he put a huge piece of black electrical tape over the light switch. Then, he walked out and handed us a fire alarm.

We thought we were going to burn up and die because of the smoking fan, and all the maintenance guy does is put a huge piece of black electrical tape over the switch to keep our dumb asses from turning it on. Hell, we could have done that!

After the guy left, we looked at the taped fan/light switch and laughed our asses off. Again, this could only happen to us!

BJ: Do you remember this??

Locked Inside!

This story happened "Pre-Husband." It occurred when BJ lived with me in Houston.

So, one evening BJ and I HAD to have pickled Jalapeno peppers and carrots from our local Mexican restaurant down the road. We walked to the front door of the apartment to leave, and the door was stuck. It has been raining really bad, and the rain and humidity had made the wooden door swell, causing it to jam. We pulled...we pushed...we pleaded, but the damn door never opened. We were so determined to get our pickled Jalapeno peppers at 9 PM that night that nothing could get in our way...not even a stuck front door. But, there was no other exit from the apartment. So, we did what any other rational person would have done...we climbed through the front window and drove to the Mexican restaurant.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

BJ: Do you remember this?? I laugh every time I think about it. This could only happen to us!!

The End of the World...Asia actually...

I think these pictures are self explanatory....

Bird Brain Update

So, this information is all hearsay, courtesy of YaYa:

The birds have now completely ignored my father and his attempts to eliminate their dwelling/nest. In fact, they have incorporated one of PoPo's scary rubber snakes into their nest. They are using it like a twig. Hee-Hee. And, PoPo must use the water hose daily to wash away the bird poop on his porch.

Here's the score:
Birds 5
PoPo 0

Good luck PoPo! We are rooting for you!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Here are some pictures we took of the famous Singapore Merlion. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Sexy Super Models!

Here we are walking around Sentosa Island taking silly pictures. Enjoy!

(Here is Alpha Mom in front of another resort. Sexy!!)
(Ooo lah-lah!)
(Man, look at my legs! They look sexy and lean!! This is what happens when you run your ass off! Here, I'm petting a wooden parrot.)

The Luge!

(You must be at least this tall to ride the luge alone. Phew, I barely made it!!)
(Me, scared out of my mind on the chair lift!)
(Here are my feet dangling over the edge. We were probably about 100 feet off the ground.)
(Here is a cute Indian couple coming down from the other side of the chair lift. She was kind enough to smile for me.)
(Alpha Mom is in the very back. I couldn't take any pictures coming down the slope because I needed to steer.)

A big thanks goes to Alpha Mom for letting me do this. I know she probably wouldn't have chosen to do this if I hadn't been there. So, thanks! It was so much fun.

For those of you who know me, then you know that I am scared of heights....probably because I'm so short. So, taking the chair lift to the top of the hill was quite frightening. Alpha Mom video taped me being scared. I'm sure it was quite entertaining! you remember the time we went on the Farris Wheel on the Kemah Boardwalk? I was scared shitless then, too!

Sentosa Beach, Singapore

(Here is Alpha Mom at the beach.)

(Me at the beach. The water was clear and beautiful.)
(A group of young Asian men playing in the water. Notice...none of them are chunky. They are all lean and trim. You would never see this on an American beach!)

(An older Asian man at the beach.)

(The beach was wonderful except for the giant ships you could see off in the distance. Occasionally, the sound of the ocean was broken by the sound of a ship coming by.)
This was our first day on Sentosa Island.