Friday, July 25, 2008

He just noticed!

Okay. So, Grass, our beloved Goldfish, died about a month ago. I was going to go buy a new one to replace Grass, but I never made it to the pet store. I must have seen something shiny that day and was drawn to it.... So, Grass was never replaced. We only have the small constipated Guppy in the tank.

Well, today Jude was looking at the aquarium and noticed we only have one fish. This was our conversations:

"Mommy, Mommy...we only have one fish," Jude screamed.

"What?!" I yelled back.

"There's only one fish, mommy!" he said.

"I'm sure the other one is in there somewhere," I told him.

"But I don't see it, mommy," he replied.

"Keep looking baby, he's got to be in there somewhere!" I told him, trying not to laugh.

So, Jude stood there for about 10 minutes looking for Grass, the Goldfish. Of course, he's not in there because he was floater about a month ago, and I flushed him down to be with the rest of Japan's dead pet fish. Keep in mind that we only have a 2 gallon aquarium, so there aren't many places for fish to hide.

Anyways, Jude got bored looking for Grass after 10 minutes and moved on to something else.

So, today maybe we'll actually buy a new goldfish...maybe..

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