Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bird Brain

So, PoPo has been fighting with some birds for the last few weeks. Let me explain... Keep in mind, this is all hearsay. I haven't spoken with PoPo directly, but this what YaYa and Sister told me over the phone.

So, a little bird family has moved into PoPo's porch. They have made a nest near the porch light. PoPo doesn't like the birds on the porch because they poop all over and make a mess. So, PoPo has destroyed their nest multiple times to deter the birds from roosting... but that didn't work. The little shits just rebuild. Then, PoPo went out and bought some rubber snakes and placed them on the porch to scare the birds away...that didn't work, either. Then, he hung the rubber snakes from the roof near the nest to scare them...that didn't work, either. Then, someone told PoPo that if you hang a CD on a string near the nest, it would scare them away...that didn't' work, either. Every day PoPo tries something new, and it doesn't work. He's frustrated because he's got bird poop all over the porch. But, he hates to hurt the little birds. It seems that the birds have out-smarted him. They seem to watch him and laugh from a distance. YaYa and Sister think it's hilarious to watch PoPo attempt different methods for scaring away the birds, yet nothing works. According to YaYa, PoPo plots his next move, and the birds don't seem to flinch....they just keep on rebuilding their nest. Poor PoPo! He's been beaten by birds!!


(Sister said the front of PoPo's house looks ridiculous with rubber snakes and CDs on strings!)

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br@ndi said...

I can totally see him doing that :-)