Saturday, July 19, 2008

Singapore for $50 a night

(This was our private room at the Betel Box Hostel. There was only one restroom and shower per floor. Hey, what do you expect for 50 bucks a night??!!)
(This was the kitchen/dining/hang out area. We got free breakfast that consisted of toast and fresh fruits. When you were done eating, you had to wash your own dishes and clean up after yourself. Again, what do you expect for $50???)
(They had free Internet access for 30 minutes per day.)
(This was the super friendly and helpful guy who ran the hostel. He gave us tons of information and was extremely nice.)
(This was the view from our window at the hostel. Again, we only paid 25 bucks each to stay here. That is dirt cheap, even by my standards!)

Alpha Mom found this place on the Internet. I wasn't too sure about staying at a hostel, but I said 'what the hell, why not'?! The place was great for the price. The only issue we had was the cleanliness of the place. It was run by men, and you could tell. It was clean according to 'Man Standards', but not clean enough for stay-at-home-mommy standards! The floor in the room was dirty, there were ants on the dresser, and there were dust bunnies everywhere. The restroom/shower could have also used a spaying of Tilex Mildew Remover. It was a bit icky for my taste but overall a good value. And, if you have a penis, then you probably wouldn't have noticed the dirt and grime. I recommend this place because it's cheap, but make sure you wash your hands and sanitize yourself when you leave!

(We only stayed here one night. Since I'm a bit old for a hostel, and I like my creature comforts, we stayed at a resort for the remainder of the trip.)

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