Saturday, July 19, 2008

Late for Singapore...

So, Monday morning I woke up at 3 AM. Alpha Mom said she would pick me up at 3:35 AM, and we would go to the airport together. So, I got dressed and waited down stairs in the breeze way of my apartment building. I went down at 3:30 AM. I waited and waited. Alpha Mom never showed. I thought maybe I had told her that I would meet her in the basement. So, I hauled all my crap down stairs to the basement...she wasn't there, either. At 3:50 AM, I started to get really worried. I thought maybe she was sick or her kid was sick. I thought she had changed her mind at the last minute, and that Husband would be coming down the elevator to tell me the trip was off. But, none of that happened. At 4:00 AM, I went back upstairs and called her. This was our conversation:

"Hello," she said in a drowsy hoarse voice.
"It's 4 o'clock," I said.
"Oh shit, the alarm never went off," she said as she awoke from her sleepy haze.
"What now?" I asked as I was trying to refrain from yelling obscenities at her into the phone.
"I'll meet you at the airport," she said.

I hung up the phone, grabbed the keys and drove to the airport cursing Alpha Mom all the way there. 'Looks like I'm taking vacation by myself,' I thought to myself as I arrived at the airport alone.

I checked in at the airport and waited. I had made it to the airport just in the nick of time...I only had about 10 minutes to spare. As I reconsidered going on vacation alone, Alpha Mom showed up. She looked like shit and was very apologetic. She said her husband had forgotten to set the alarm clock. I wanted to say 'What the hell...why can't you set your own fucking alarm clock and wake your own ass up and be where you said you were going to be on time?' I wanted to give her my speech about being accountable for one's actions, but I was afraid I might choke her while giving the speech and then be arrested at the airport for assault. So, instead I bit my tongue.

We loaded the plane and every thing else went perfectly. Accept for this slight mishap, our vacation together was great. We spent time chatting and getting to know one another on a deeper level. We have more in common than we had imagined, and we are more alike than we ever thought. We had so much fun together that I can't wait to take another vacations with her!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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