Monday, July 7, 2008

Death in the family...

I'm so sorry to have to tell you this, but our beloved Goldfish, Grass, has passed into the heavenly gates to be with the Lord. Listen here all you crazy Evangelical nuts, in MY world all animals go to heaven, so don't fuck with me while I'm mourning the loss of Grass. Sorry for that, but I was recently told that animals can't go to heaven, but I think they do. Granted, I'm the worst Catholic in the world, and I admit that...I've never actually read the whole Bible...I mean...who actually has??? And, I was told that animals don't have souls, so they can't go to heaven. But, I think that's crap. If you are a pet owner, then you know that animals do have souls because they somehow manage to touch yours. Now, by pet owner, I mean pet lover..appriciater...parent of a pet. If you have a dog and you chain him or her up in the back yard to be eaten by mosquitoes and flies, to swelter in the summer heat... then you are not a pet owner. No! You are an animal warden and your house or yard is their prison. Dogs are not meant to chained to a tree or tethered to a pole outside. That's just cruel. You should have your ass chained outside and see how you like it! In my world, pets are God's creatures, and they are given to us by God to be cared for, cherished and loved. So, today I ask you....are you a pet owner or a pet warden? So, if God were to judge your entrance into heaven based on the way you cared for his beloved animals, would you be allowed into the pearly gates? Do you love and care for your pet(s) they way God intended? Do you cherish their existence and thank God for their cute little faces and loyalty to you? Do you appreciate how they can make you smile with the flicker of a tale or lick of your face? Do you understand their importance? Do you? If not, maybe you should reconsider owning a pet! I was once told that you treat your pets like you treat your kids. Now, as an adult and parent, I can see the correlation between the two. I say no more!!!

So, we are mourning the passing of Grass, our free Goldfish we caught at the Firefly Festival. Well, actually he/she cost about 50 Yen, but that's besides the point. Jude doesn't know that Grass died. He was checking out the aquarium yesterday and didn't even notice that we only have one fish left. I guess it's a good thing the kid isn't that observant. So, later today, I will go buy a replacement fish that looks like Grass. I think Jude is too young to understand about death, so I'll just buy another Goldfish and call him/her Grass. I know we should probably tell him the truth, but it's not worth him getting upset about. My parents sheltered me, so I will do the same.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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