Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bird Brain Update

So, this information is all hearsay, courtesy of YaYa:

The birds have now completely ignored my father and his attempts to eliminate their dwelling/nest. In fact, they have incorporated one of PoPo's scary rubber snakes into their nest. They are using it like a twig. Hee-Hee. And, PoPo must use the water hose daily to wash away the bird poop on his porch.

Here's the score:
Birds 5
PoPo 0

Good luck PoPo! We are rooting for you!


Anonymous said...

Well, the birds won! They now have another nest and the mama bird is sitting on her eggs. This will be the second batch of birds we have housed in our front porch! Sister was here, so I'm sure she will share the story with you when she arrives! Never a dull moment in Ya-Ya's & Po-Po's fishing hut!

Anonymous said...

They used the snake as part of their nest? That is awesome!