Monday, July 7, 2008

Piano Man

Here is Jude with his piano teacher Ms. K. She is really nice and patient with him. I tried to teach him piano lessons, but Jude wasn't very responsive to me. He really seems to like his teacher and piano lessons. He seems to have pretty good rhythm and a natural music ability. He can hear a song once or twice, and then repeat it using the correct rhythm and key. I don't think he's the next Chopin, but I hope learning the piano will help him with his math skills later in life. I once read somewhere that musical people are happier. Because we can express ourselves through music, we are happier in general. So, I hope music brings my son the happiness it has brought me.

I enjoy playing the piano and learning very difficult music. It's like a personal challenge for me. And, when I'm pissed off, banging the piano keys to one of Chopin's masterpieces always makes me feel better. And, it's a creative outlet for me, as well. It's pleasurable to learn and create beautiful music. I hope my son will learn to appreciate music by learning to play the piano. And, I hope learning the piano with instill in him the dedication and hard work ethic that is necessary to succeed later in life. I know to some people it's just silly piano lessons, but to me... it's much more.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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br@ndi said...

I think Jude has no choice BUT to be musical! I miss you playing the piano for me :-(