Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why me??

So, yesterday I took Jude to the doctor because he's had an annoying loogie filled cough for the last 4 weeks. He never had fever, but I thought I would just have him checked out before I go to Singapore. So, I went by train to pick up the little guy from school. We made it to the doctor's office just in the nick of time. We checked in, and the tech called us into the back to check his vitals. The tech told Jude to sit down in a half sized kiddie chair, and then she put the arm cuff on Jude to check his blood pressure. The tech told him to stay still, very still. Instead of listening, the little shit leaned back in the chair, grabbed his legs behind his knees, lifted up his legs, aimed, and then farted. It was a loud fart, too! One that rattles your teeth and echos down the hall. The tech said, "Oh, excuse you little man!" Jude just laughed. I wanted to hide.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

(Turns out the kid is fine...probably just residual koodies from a virus.)


Rice Spice said...

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it? Hehe. What's with that age anyway? My niece who is only a couple weeks older than Jude is all about releasing gas in front of strangers or large crowds and finding it either no big deal or completely entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I know, the kid is just as nasty as I am. Poor kid...he ain't got a chance!