Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taped Light Switch

This story also happened "Pre-Husband." BJ lived with me at this time, too.

So, again it had been raining. Keep in mind, this was Houston. In Houston, it seriously rains cats 'n dogs on a regular basis. So, on this evening, it had been raining badly. I went to turn on the ceiling fan/light in the bedroom of our apartment, and all of sudden smoke started pouring out from the fan. I immediately flipped the switch. The smoke stopped. BJ saw what had happened. We both got a bit scared thinking that our apartment was going to catch fire, and we would burn up like match sticks. So, I waited for the fire alarm to go off, but it never did. Turns out we didn't have a fire alarm in our apartment. How that slipped passed us is beyond me! So, that night we called our maintenance guy to come fix the smoking fan and to install a fire alarm. I was pretty upset that we had been living in an apartment for several months with no fire alarm. And, I was pretty insistent that the maintenance guy come right away in the pouring rain. Well, while we were waiting for the guy to come, we realized that water was dripping through the ceiling right onto the fan. The pouring rain had caused a leak right above the fan. So, when we turned on the fan, the water from the leak got onto the motor of the fan causing it to smoke when we turned it on.

So, the maintenance guy banged on the door...he was Mexican and didn't speak much English. We let him in, and we showed him the fan. He disconnected some wires to the fan and that was all. He told us not to turn it on again. He said he would come the next day with proper tools to fix it. So, before he left the room, he put a huge piece of black electrical tape over the light switch. Then, he walked out and handed us a fire alarm.

We thought we were going to burn up and die because of the smoking fan, and all the maintenance guy does is put a huge piece of black electrical tape over the switch to keep our dumb asses from turning it on. Hell, we could have done that!

After the guy left, we looked at the taped fan/light switch and laughed our asses off. Again, this could only happen to us!

BJ: Do you remember this??

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Of course I remember!