Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello Dolly

Dolly is new tropical storm/hurricane that is supposed to hit South Texas sometime this week. Since most of you that I know and love live in Texas, please keep an eye out for her!

Remember to:

1. Fill your bath tubs with water
2. Buy drinking water, batteries, flashlights, canned food, dog food (I once heard that in a dire situation, dog food can provide perfect nutrition--it has just the right amount of fat, protein, and carbs...you can survive for days on a huge bag of it....but it DOES taste like dog food, so I don't recommend it...that is, unless you have to...I digress...sorry!
3. Check on your neighbors and friends to make sure they are okay
4. Board up windows, if necessary
5. Fill your car with gas in case you have to get the Hell out of Dodge
6. Have cash on hand (in case the power goes out and ATMs don't work)
7. Take care of one another
8. If you can, be a good neighbor and clean up your street--I remember during Tropical Storm Allison that streets flooded because of debris, like trash cans, blocked the drainage ditches in the streets.

Remember, we are Texans! We are better than just average Americans! We come from the only state that matters. So, in times of emergency or natural disaster, conduct yourselves as noble Texans! Show the world that we are bigger and better than the rest! Yee-haw!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Turned out to be a non-event after all. My dad had plywood over all his windows though! :-)