Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vagina...the word of the day!

So, Jude is home again because of the runs. The laxative is working overtime!!

Jude has made up a song about eating vaginas. He was singing it on the phone to YaYa this morning. It was hilarious! We use the anatomically correct words for our bodies. We don't use sissy words like pee-pee for penis or biscuit for vagina. I guess we are quite clinical, if you will. (Keep in mind, both my parents are/were nurses (R.N.'s) and Husband's mom is also a nurse.) So, Jude has always called his private part penis. Recently, he discovered that mommy doesn't have a penis. He asked me what I have, and I told him...mommy has a vagina. Now, every time I go to the restroom, he wants to know what's going on. And, when Husband uses the restroom, he has to watch, too!

So, yesterday Jude was making up a song, as usual. This time the song was about eating vaginas. I don't think he knew what he was saying, and he didn't repeat it until this morning when he was on the phone with YaYa, chatting up a storm. He kept singing "I like to eat vaginas, I like to eat vaginas, I like to eat vaginas!" YaYa thought it was funny. We couldn't help but laugh. And, the laughing just encouraged him to keep singing.

It's good thing we live in another country where most people don't understand us. I'm sure Jude will sing his new vagina song out in public, but it won't matter because most people won't understand. Thank God for that!!

Just another day in Weenie's World!

****Side bar-- I used Blogger's spell check, and it kept trying to change the plural word vaginas to vagina's. I even checked the dictionary, and the plural of vagina is vaginas or vaginae not vagina's. The word vagina's is possessive. So, could someone please tell the people over at Blogger to fix that. Thanks! (Hee-hee)

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