Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mile high...

(This photo was taken from the air plane.)
(This picture was taken from the cockpit.)
(This picture was also taken from the cockpit. You can see the vapor trail of a plane that was about 1 mile away. Cool, huh?!)

(I took more cool pictures in the cockpit. But, for security reasons I will not post them on my blog.)

So, on the way to Singapore, a few people were lucky enough to go into the cockpit and hang out with the pilots. I was one of the lucky few. I simply asked if Alpha Mom and I could see the cockpit, and the flight attendant said sure. The pilots were really nice and allowed us to take a few pictures. It was warm in the cockpit and very bright. I never realized just how much sun the pilots get while flying. I had never been in the cockpit before, so I was enthusiastic and curious about everything. We chatted and I asked a bunch of ridiculous questions. They seemed slightly amused by me and my silly antics. We spent about an hour in the cockpit chatting with the nice gentlemen. The were very professional. And, I was surprised by just how little the pilots do while flying. The plane was on auto pilot the whole time we were in the cockpit. I thanked the pilots for letting me into their world, and then we went and sat in our seats for the remainder of the flight.

During our time in the cockpit, I kept thinking 'This is so freakin' cool...Husband and Jude will be so jealous....this is so awesome and I am so lucky!'

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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