Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Back!

Here are just a few pictures from my Singapore trip. I took 498 pictures--I know that 's a shit load. So, I will pick the best ones to share with you.
I had the best time ever! Singapore is a beautiful country filled with an eclectic group of fabulous people. In Japan people are nice, but in Singapore...people are FRIENDLY beyond belief. When we landed in Singapore, we only had American money. And, we couldn't find a place to change our money to Singapore dollars. So, we walked to the bus stop and asked a stranger where we could find a money changer. He told us the location by bus. But, we still didn't have money to take the bus, and the bus only accepted exact change. So, the gentleman gave me and Alpha mom the 3 dollars in Singapore money to ride the bus. That's right...a complete stranger gave me money to ride the bus. He knew we were tourists, and he did the kindest thing possible...he paid for our bus fare. That was the moment that I knew my Singapore trip would be like no other. It was filled with wonderful, kind, caring people of different races and ethnicity's. It was a place filled with wondrous sights and smells. It was a FAB-U-LOUS place. I highly recommend that you go at least once in your life.
We had an adventure every day. I will tell you about them in individual vignettes...they will follow in the coming days.
Right now I'm tired and want to spend some quality time with my two favorite guys....Husband and Jude.

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