Friday, June 20, 2008

Going 26.2 miles...going the distance

(Here is one of my favorite pictures with Big D. He's the guy in this photo. It was taken at a 10K race in February 2007. Burrrr!)

(This was the last half marathon I completed. It was an awesome off road race in August in North Texas. It was about 100 degrees when I finished. It was awesome!)

Have you ever met someone that you just 'clicked' with? Someone that must have been your soul mate, but from another lifetime? Someone that you never thought you could possibly have anything in common with, but turns out you have everything in common?

If you haven't met that person, then I'm sorry because your life has not been complete. If you have, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Sometimes we find our best friends in the most obscure places and times in our lives. Sometimes we don't even realize just how much we need them until their gone.
Big D was/is my someone. Who knew that a 25 year old midget Mexican momma from Houston, Texas could become the best of friends with a 50 something white guy who sells big-rig trucks in North Texas? Who knew?!

When we met, we didn't think much of one another. Then, as we got to know each other, we realized just how alike we are.

We became running buddies, and Big-D helped me accomplish one of my life's goals...he trained me to run my first marathon. For those of you who have never ran a marathon, running a marathon is like graduating from college or giving birth. It is a moment in your life that you will cherish forever. It can never be taken away from you. No matter how fat, old or crazy you get, you will still be a marathoner. Running a marathon takes months of preparation and training. It consumes you and your every thought. It takes over you like a plague. Then, once it is accomplished, you feel full, complete...invincible. You know that you are now capable of anything you set your mind to. You realize that you are stronger than you ever thought. You have power over your mind and your body. You can make it through anything. You have achieved something that few have accomplished. You are strong beyond belief. Your goal has been are a MARATHONER.

Big D was my trainer, psychiatrist, cheerleader, motivator, drill sergeant, companion and friend during the months prior and after my first marathon... The friendships you make while training for a marathon are one's that will last forever. While you're out on the open road at dawn running for 18 miles, you discuss the most amazing and bizarre topics. You come to understand one another on a deeper more cosmic level. (I'm sure you reading this and thinking I'm full of shit, right? Well, ask a marathoner about their training buddies, and they will all tell you the same thing. And, if you want to become a marathoner, find a buddy and you will become friends for life.) When you run for 15 miles, you loose yourself. All your walls are let down. You can barely become your true self. And, when you share moments of complete exhaustion with one another, you realize that you can't do it alone. You need one another. You need to hear that silly story that happened 15 years ago to a fellow runner. You need to hear your running buddies voice as you take one step in front of the other. You NEED him or her like you have never needed anyone before. If your partner can't go the distance, you encourage, you tell stories, you lie, you do whatever it takes for your partner to make it. That kind of friendship and bond exceeds everything else. You truly carry one another the distance.

Big D was there through it all--the 5 AM long runs when it was 20 degrees outside, the 5 mile runs when it 115 degrees, the long disappointing runs, the fast inspirational runs....he was there through it all. He lied, motivated, and pushed me beyond my boundaries. And, even though he couldn't run the whole marathon with me (he was injured and could only run the half), he was there with Husband waiting for me to cross the finish line. He was there for it all.

And now, here in Japan, I'm lost. My running has turned to shit, and it has no purpose. I still enjoy an early morning 7 mile run near the Tama River, but it's not the same. I don't get to hear any silly stories...I don't get to hear my running partners breath as we climb a steep hill...I don't get to hear how so-in-so is screwing so-in-so. All my reasons to run are gone. Without Big D, my running has lost its mojo! I've joined the local running club here, but they are all way too serious about running. Running Babe is cool to run with, but she runs with headphones, which doesn't make for good conversation, and she has a real job, which makes finding time to run difficult. I still love the feeling of running and the running high you get after completing 8 miles. But, it's not the same here without Big D. I tried to entice him here with my naked body, but I don't think it worked.

Just another day in Weenie's World!


sandy said...

We miss you!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Big D says he misses his running parter bunches. She's the coolest, silliest, most determined and fun chick around.
My running hasn't been the same either, and I can't wait for her return !!