Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eye Exam

So, Friday I had my annual eye exam. As most of you know, I wear contacts and glasses. I haven't had an eye exam since January 2007, so I thought I should go. And, my contacts have been really super dry lately causing me to blink and wink repeatedly...I'm sure I look like I have Turrets Syndrome.

So, I get there and wait for a minute or 2 in the waiting room. Then, they take me back to the torture chamber...okay,'s not really a torture chamber, but it's the room where they house that God awful machine that spits high pressured air in your eye. I hate that damn thing!! I dread that thing like I dread a Brazilian bikini wax. In fact, I would rather get 10 Brazilian bikini waxes in a row instead of getting those puffs in my eyes!! I can't stand the way that machine puts high pressured air in your eye like it's trying to blow out a freaking candle. What the hell!! So, the guy warned me that machine was ready and waiting for me to sit my ass still so it could do it's puffing business. I tried to sit there with my eyes wide open, but my brain kept saying blink, shut your eyes, don't let them DO IT!! I grabbed on tight and forced my eyes open. I sat there and then...PUFF! I screamed of course. I screamed loud enough to make people jump in the waiting room, so I was told. The guy asked if I was okay. And I told him I was okay and preparing myself for the next puff in the other eye. I took a deep breath and calmed myself. I put my chin back in the holder and stared at the light waiting for the next torturous puff. Then, suddenly...PUFF again!! I screamed again, of course. The guy asked again if I was okay. I told him I was fine considering I was just shot in both eyes with high pressured air. I apologized for screaming. I'm sure he thought I was a nut case!

The rest of the exam went fine. I don't need new glasses or contacts, thankfully. I just need moisture drops to keep my eyes moist so I don't look like I have Turrets.

Just anther day in Weenie's World!

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