Friday, June 13, 2008

Hello Out there!!

Is anyone out there??
So, I started this blog thinking that people would find my daily life entertaining. And, people always want to know how we are doing in the Land of the Rising Sun. But, I haven't got much feed back.
YaYa said that she tried to leave comments on the blog, but couldn't figure it out...she's old and not very tech savvy. So, if you would like to leave comments and you aren't a blogger member, you can simply hit the "Anonymous" button and just write your name or alias in your comments section.
All I want to know is that you find my tidbits entertaining. If you don't like what I'm writing, then let me know that, too.
Okay?! Please let me know that my writing is not going unheard. Please?!


Weenie said...

See! If I can figure it out anyone can!!

Anonymous said...

Me again! See how easy this is???
You should try it!!


Rice Spice said...

Another way is that you choose the "Name/URL" option. You can put your own name and don't have to have a URL. And it will look like my comment.

Also, Ween, you should check out

That site allows you to put a counter on your website so that you can see how many people view your blog and even what cities/countries they are located. Since you are the only one in Japan that reads my blog, I see when you've looked at my website. It's kinda stalkerish but it also lets you know that more readers read your blog than your think ;)

Norm,Mel,Becca..Oh Yeah froggy said...

I wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my list of "blogs to visit" on my blog.:)Hope that is cool with you.