Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Train rides are awesome!

Yesterday, Jude had Open House at his school. Here are some pictures of us taking the train to Jude's school. At the request of his school, no pictures were taken of the open house. Sorry! So, this is all you get. Enjoy!

(Here is Husband and I on the train. We asked a young Japanese guy to take our picture. )
(Here is Husband waiting on the platform for our next train.)

(Here is Husband on the train. As you can see, he was getting a bit annoyed at me for taking goofy pictures of him.)
(Here I am doing my best Vanna White impersonation. I was just trying to illustrate, by using my hands, the vast selection of coffee and other bizarre drinks that are available to you on the train platform.)

Just another day in Weenie's World!

***You are probably wondering where Jude is, right?! Well, Jude took the school bus to school like he normally does. But, parents are not allowed on the school bus, so we took the train.

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