Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is that the Klan?

Okay. So, yesterday after Jude's Open House at school, Husband and I had some time to kill. We went to our local GAP clothing store to do a bit of shopping. (Yes, there are GAPs here in Japan...but a bit more pricey than in the states...about a 30% increase in price....I only shop the sale rack...I digress...sorry.......) I found a cute dress and wanted to try it on. I walked to the dressing room, saw the dressing room attendant, held the dress up and uttered "Try on, Kudasai." (That is my Japanglish- a combination of Japanese and English words combined to create half ass Japanese.) (Kudasai means please do this for me...sorda.) So, the fitting room attendant looked at me and said about fifty billion Japanese words, none of which I knew. And, then she pointed me in the direction of a particular fitting room. I went in, Husband accompanied me, and then she handed me something very peculiar. It looked like a folded up tissue paper but much, MUCH bigger. See the picture below.

At first, I had no idea what it was for or what I should do with it. Husband and I just marveled at it for a few minutes trying to figure out its purpose. It felt soft like a tissue but more durable, but it wasn't cloth. It felt almost like a tissue gown you get at the hospital. So, after a minute or 2, I started to unfold it. This is what it looked like unfolded.

It was like a pocket with extra tissue on the bottom. Husband suggested I put it on my head for shits and giggles. Then, it dawned on us that that's what it was for. The dressing room attendant gave it to me to put over my head while I was trying on clothes, so that I wouldn't get my makeup on their new clean GAP clothes. Boy, I tell you, the Japanese have thought of everything! This is what it looked like on.

Husband said I looked like a member of the KKK. I think I just looked like a retard! I'm sure the dressing room attendant thought we were doing kinky things in the dressing room because of the camera flash. Hee-hee.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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