Thursday, November 20, 2008

At the ghetto zoo...

So, Jude's school went to the local zoo. It sucked! They had a domestic rabbit, squirrels, ducks, warthogs, 1 sickly looking elephant, a few mangy monkeys, Guinea pigs, and a turtle. We had more and healthier wildlife in our backyard in Texas! Seriously! And, Jude was bored out of his mind. The week before we had gone to the Ueno Zoo, which was WAY better. Even though this zoo was filled with animals from the local pet shop, we still had fun and enjoyed the day. Here are some pictures from the ghetto zoo:
(Oh yeah, they had rides, too!)

(This was the only panda they had.)

(Look at the happy campers! Hee-hee)

(The kids sitting and waiting to pet guinea pigs.)

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Anonymous said...

That's sad. Poor mangy monkey :-(