Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm the worst mommy ever...

So, today we had Open House and Parent Teacher Conference at Jude's school. I was very excited to see Jude perform ballet. (He takes ballet at school by a professional Japanese Ballerina from the local Tokyo company.) I watched with glee as he tapped his toes, spun around in circles and skipped. It was too cute! But, back to the reason why I'm a horrible mother....sorry I'm easily distracted!

So, the other day Jude was singing the alphabet song backwards. I scolded him and told him to sing it correctly because he was going to get confused. He replied back, "But mommy, my teacher told us to sing it backwards!" My response was..."Quit lying...sing it the right way or go to time out for not being a good listener." So, he walked away and pouted because I said he was lying.

So, today when I was at Jude's school, during circle time, his class sang their ABC's the normal way, and then they sang the song backwards. I felt so bad! Jude's teacher said that she taught it to them backwards because they already knew it the "right way" so well. She wanted to challenge them, she said. Doh!!! That made me feel even worse! I felt bad for calling my kid a liar, and then for discouraging him from doing something challenging.

I feel like I should give back my mommy license. I should be fired!

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