Friday, November 14, 2008

The reason why I'm running Tokyo Marathon...

I'm running Tokyo Marathon to prepare me for an Ultra Marathon. My ultimate goal is to run a 100 mile race and finish. That's right, I said run 100 miles. Actually, it won't be a run but more like a shuffle.

About 2 years ago, Big D and I paced our friend during the Mother Road 100 race in Oklahoma. (By pace, I mean we ran beside him and told him dirty jokes and stories to help him forget about the pain.) It was the first Ultra Marathon I had ever attended. We ran 16 miles with our friend...up and down giant hills on the shoulder of historic Route 66. It was a life changing that I will never forget. I met people and saw people doing things I never thought humanly possible.

Ever since that day, I've wanted to run an ultra. People can run marathons...thousands of people do them every year. But, fewer people do ultras. Because of my bunk as lungs (duh, I have asthma), I never thought I could complete a marathon. Now that I know I can, I want to go further and push myself beyond anything I have ever done. I know it will be hard, probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. But, if there's a will...there's a way. And, I'm certainly crazy enough to be an ultra marathoner. I'm sure I have it in me. In fact, one of my life's goals is to run a 100 miler before I turn 40. So, that's why I'm running Tokyo. I read somewhere that in order to participate in an ultra marathon, you should complete at least 2 marathons. So, Tokyo- here I come!


Anonymous said...

We know you can do it! You know what you want, you know you can do it. Go get it! Determination that's what it takes and you got it!

Ya-Ya & Po-Po

Weenie said...

Actually, I think insanity is what it takes, and I got that, too! Lord knows I'm a nut case, and here it will come in handy. After all, no one in their right mind would attempt to run 100 miles in one day. That's just insane! (Hee-hee)