Sunday, November 30, 2008

Disney...and parade waiting!

Okay, in Japan people do as they are told- no questions asked.

Well, as you know, I typically question everything and everybody. So, I don't exactly follow the heard. Instead, I make my own path. In the States, it's fine to be that way. But, in Japan, people don't know how to deal with it.

So, at Disney, we were waiting to see the below pictured Lilo and Stitch Parade. However, there is a certain protocol to follow in Japan when it comes to waiting for parades. And, as a stupid gaijin (foreigner), I was unaware of this protocol.

So, picture this:

...Japanese families sitting on the ground on plastic tarps waiting for a parade. They sit patiently. Behind them are Japanese families standing and waiting patiently for the parade. Then, we come and stand where we think the parade route is. We stand patiently. Then, a Disney associate or cast member approaches us. He tells us in broken Japanglish that we are not standing in the appropriate place. He tries to tell us that we are standing where imaginary people should be sitting. We pretend not to understand and just ignore him. Then, he calls another associate over to explain to us in more detail that we need to scoot back and let people sit in front of us. But, being a short combative Texan, I refuse to move. I have staked out a good place to see the parade and don't want to lose it to others. Then, the 3rd associate comes over and tells us in decent English that we need to move back because we are not standing in the correct imaginary line. Running Babe refuses to move. She holds her ground, literally. We all refuse to move back. They try repeatedly to get us to move back. We just stand there pretending not to understand them. We smile, laugh, make fun of the imaginary line that THEY can only see. We cause a seen as we typically do, yet we hold our ground. Yes, we were combative, loud, obnoxious Americans who refused to listen to people in control. The workers tried their best, but we just wouldn't conform. After about 10 minutes of harassment, they just laugh at us and move away.

We didn't give in and it payed off. I was able to take these great pictures below. Enjoy!

It pays to be a stupid gaijin!

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