Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mt. Mitake...revisited!

We went to Mt. Mitake 2 weeks ago. It was a glorious day, and we decided to take advantage of the weather. We ended up hiking for hours. We took the most difficult route to the furthest point possible on the mountain. Jude was a trooper, though. He hiked up and down like a billy goat. I couldn't believe my little guy could go so far on such rough terrain.

We went with Running Babe, Bean, and Marathon Man. We had a great time (as we always do.)

We took the trolley up and back down the mountain. On our way down, the trolley was packed. I ended up sitting next to a handicapped young man on the trolley. He was about 6 feet tall and was developmentally delayed. It was obvious the young man was handicapped, and his parents kept apologizing to me because he kept staring at me intensely. The young man would yell out strange things and move his hands around spastically. His father tried to keep him contained, but he kept touching me. I didn't mind, though. I love the innocence of people with special needs. And, he had a beautiful smile that made me smile. So, I didn't mind. And he was silly, too. Naturally, I laughed- not at him, but with him. Again, I loved his innocence.
At one point during the trolley ride, Running Babe screamed out, "Hey, who ya sitting next to?"
My responses was "Someone special!"
I could hear Marathon Man say, "You guys are mean!"
We just giggled, as we always do. However, my intention was not to be mean, but simply to state the obvious- as I always do!
But, I must say that no good can come from me and Running Babe hanging out! Running Babe and I are two peas in a pod. We are two petite Latinas planning to take over the world! But, we'll start with Japan!

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