Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tsukiji Fish Market

Everyone knows about the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. This is the biggest wholesale fish market in the world. It's famous for it's giant sushi grade tunas.

So, on Friday morning at 4 AM, we woke our tired asses up and went to the famous Fish Market. It was an exciting adventure. We saw fish as big as cows. We even got to see the fish auction. Here are some pictures I took:

(Here is Husband, Q, Marathon Man, and Running Babe on the train at 5 AM.)

(Husband and me leaning over a big ass yellow fin tuna...mmmmm...yummy!)

(Here are all the fish laid out at the fish auction.)

(Husband and me, duh!)

Since the fish market is very busy and unsafe for small children, a friend of ours spent the night with us, and we left Jude with him in the morning. We were back at the hotel by 7 AM.

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