Friday, November 21, 2008

The stock market sucks!

*****Caution, the F-bomb is dropped repeatedly in this entry.***

So, I've been watching and checking as the stock market keeps tumbling downward. It's starting to get depressing! But, what can you do?? All you can really do is bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich and hope for the best. I'm young and have plenty of time to work, if I choose to do so. So, I'm trying not to focus on it, but it's hard!

But, I am a little pissed off at the auto makers of America. The big wigs for the big 3 have been in Washington this week asking for money, because they have run their companies into the ground. And, they had the audacity to show up to Washington in private jets!! What the freak??!! Hello Morons, if you need money so fucking bad, sell your damn jets and travel like the rest of us!! According to several news reports, it costs about $20,000 to fly on a private jet one way and about $100,000 a year to maintain a private jet. Shouldn't that money be better spent else where?? Hello McFly?! Sell you damn jets, that will help pay for some of your employees wages.

So, these rich bitches make tons of money, and they are not in touch with the rest of the world--that's probably how and why they ran their companies into the ground. With the price of gas steadily increasing since about 2000, you would think these companies would look into developing more fuel efficient cars, right?? Well, apparently they didn't do enough. And, now they are screwed and looking for a hand out. I know lots of people depend on their pensions from these companies in which they devoted 35 years to. I know people will hurt as a result of this giant fuck up. But, at the same time, if you keep bailing out stupid mother fuckers for making mistakes, it seems that no one has any accountability or takes responsibility for anything. Look, if I screw up and blow all the money I have, no one comes to rescue my ass, right?? So, why should the government rescue these 3 companies?? I say screw them and let them file for bankruptcy. They will re-group, make tons of changes and emerge smarter, wiser, and with new, better leaders at the top. No one bailed out the airline industry when several companies went bankrupt! Why should the 3 big car makers get a handout, especially when their fearless leaders show up to ask for money from Congress wearing thousand dollar suits and using private, corporate jets. What the fuck?? Those men need to be slapped or better yet, DEATH BY PUNTA! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!) Hee-hee!

(Please do not arrest me, these are just my inner thoughts. I would never act on them. Plus, I live in Japan and do not own a private jet. And, I cannot afford to pay for a plane ticket to Michigan to go and slap these, they are safe for now! However, I do wish some big, well hung gentleman would bend these guys over and do naughty things to them...I hope they get screwed like they have screwed their companies!)

((I know, I'm probably going to Hell for the nasty comments I make. But, I know I'll be in good company! So, all you people out there that believe in Christ, please pray for my soul! Thanks!))


This is just the opinion of a midget mexican momma living in Japan, nothing more!


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

I totally agree with you. Exiting a private jet and then going and asking for BILIIONS of dollars is RI-GOD DAMN-DICULOUS! Did you see the clip where someone asked this panel of gentlemen, while they were in the hearing, if they were willing to sell their jets. NOT ONE OF THEM RAISED THEIR HAND! The gentleman that asked them the question said, "Let the record show that no one raised their hand." What the Fuck! I say let them file Chapter 7. (I think that's the one.) They will reorganize, and get these idiots out of there.

But, someone needs to get a handle on the unions too. From what I understand, they aren't willing to budge on certain things the government is asking them to do. I saw it on the news this morning, it was early, so I don't think I mentally absorbed everything that was being reported.

Sorry, I re-read my comment and there was a sentence missing.

Weenie said...

Thanks Amanda. Sorry you removed your comment, it was a GREAT one!

I know, I saw where the fuckers were asked about selling their jets, it was disgusting how no one raised their hand. What a bunch of ass wipes!