Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our hotel room in downtown...

We are staying in a Western Style hotel in Downtown Tokyo. It is really nice, but the room is small. According to Husband, our hotel room has a 3 fart maximum. It's comfortable, but lacks space.

Jude had an "accident" our first night here. Before bed, Jude was thirsty. So, I gave him a small bottle of water, a juice box, and a milk box (milk the size of a juice box). Needless to say, the kid pissed himself in the night. We had to change him and bathe him first thing in the morning. I guess I set myself up for that! We even had to change the bedding. I'm sure we will be charged for that!!

****Reminder to self...bring air freshener on next over night trip. (Husband is definitely right, this room DOES have a 3 fart maximum capacity!)

(This is the view from our hotel room.)

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