Monday, November 10, 2008

One year ago today...

We arrived in Japan one year ago today. So, Happy Anniversary to us! This year has flown by! We have experienced so many new things here in the Land of the Rising Sun. We have made new friends, new goals, and a new home (so to speak). We moved here excited and with an open mind. We have loved living here more than I could have ever imagined. Japan and the Japanese people have been extremely kind to us. Granted, we've been stared at a lot, but, overall, we have felt welcomed and appreciated here. I love this country and everything about it. I feel blessed that I have gotten to live here amongst so many honorable, kind people.

The only downside to living in Japan is not being able to see our family and friends. But, thanks to this silly little blog and the computer, we have been able to keep in touch with ease. And, since YaYa and PoPo are retired, with nothing to do, they have already come to see us once, and they will be on their way here again in December. And, since Sister moved here in July, we've been able to hang out with her and enjoy her company...a little (She is my only sister and older than, she's still bossy!) But, I really do miss the company of my life long BJ and her family, Rice Spice, and JC. I also really miss my running buddies up in North Texas. I think about all my friends and miss making new memories with them. But, again, I feel blessed to live in Japan and to be able to experience so many new things.

In the last year, my son has turned from a toddler to a boy...a booger eating, smart ass, handsome, intelligent, little boy. I feel bad that my son has missed out on seeing his grandparents on a regular basis, but my parents have gone out of their way to make Jude feel loved and thought about. YaYa and PoPo have also made every effort possible to come and see him. I know later on down the road Jude will realize what loving and caring grandparents he has or had. He will look back at his photo albums and see hundreds of pictures of himself hanging out with his grandparents in Japan. He will always remember the great times he had with them here. And, those memories will be priceless, and I'm sure he will carry them with him forever. Again, I'm thankful my parents have the means and the "want to" to come clear across the world so see their only grandson. It means a lot to him and to Husband and I.

And, I'm sure this Christmas will be the best one, yet. My small apartment will be housing us, YaYa, PoPo, and Sister. We'll be like sardines! But, with the Christmas spirit in the air, I'm sure we will have the best time ever. My parents never say it, but their actions definitely show us that family truly does come first. And, I'm glad Jude can see that.

So, Happy One Year Anniversary to us! It's been a great year, and I can't wait to have another great the Land of the Raising Sun!

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