Friday, November 21, 2008

Is this the face of a model?

....well, I hope it is. On Saturday, I'm taking Jude to a modeling fair. That's right, I'm going to attempt to pimp out my kid. Why not?! I think he's a good looking kid, and most Japanese ladies and girls pawn over him like he's a super star. So, why not pimp him out and earn money for his college education?! I have a friend whose kid does it and loves it. She gets to travel around Tokyo, wear cute outfits, and get great pictures taken. So, I figure maybe we can do the same. So, do you think he's cute enough?? I say put the kid in some GAP clothes so he can work it like Tyra Banks!
Keep in mind, I'm not going to end up like some pageant mommies out there. I'm not going to put fake eyelashes on him or get his teeth worked on. However, I will wash his face and brush his teeth. But, I can't guarantee I'll brush his hair--he prefers the bed-head look.
So, do you think my kid is cute enough to model??? (Remember, no matter what you say, I'm his mommy, and I think he's the cutest kid on the planet....after all, it's my job to think that!)

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