Saturday, November 29, 2008

We're back!

We just got home. We have had a very busy 3 days! We stayed in Tokyo again to make things easier on us. It costs a shit load, but it's more fun.

This is what we did:
Thursday morning: We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal, sorda, then headed off to Disney Land.
Friday morning: Tokyo Fish Market to see the giant tunas be auctioned off.
Friday afternoon: Shrine and War Museum
Friday night: Drinks at the famous Tokyo Park Hyatt (this is where Lost in Translation was filmed.)
Friday late night: Karaoke (the same place were Bill Murray's character went in Lost in Translation).
Saturday morning: Breakfast at the hotel.
Saturday afternoon: We returned home.

I will download the pictures and post later. I'm too tired from staying out late last night. Gomenasai (I'm sorry!).

Mata ne! (See you!)

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