Monday, November 17, 2008

My potty mouth!

Yes, I'm obscene, foul mouthed, perverted, disgusting, and have the ability to use the "f" word as a noun, adjective and verb. Remember, I learned from the best....PoPo. So, if my "rated R" mouth offends you, then TOO fucking bad. This is who and how I am. You are getting Weenie-The Uncut Version every time you log onto my blog. If you find it too disturbing to read, then move on. There are holy-roller blogs out there that might suit you better. But, if you come here, expect to get me...all of me. I'm the real deal! I say what most people won't, and I express my feelings regardless of the cost. So, if you can deal with that and the "f" bomb being dropped on a regular basis, then please keep reading and enjoying.

It's hard to find "real" people these days. And, I think I'm as real as they come. Granted, there are problems associated with being "real," but I've learned to deal with it. So, if you can handle my potty mouth, then Welcome, again, to Weenie's World! It's great to have you!!

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