Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pecan Heaven!

So, Mr. & Mrs. Crash sent us some of the yummiest pecans on the planet. Yesterday we received 3 bags of North Texas pecans covered in yummy yummy goodness. It was the best little surprise package ever. Thanks so much!!

It's amazing how something so small can bring you back home. Eating the pecans reminded me of Texas and all things Texas. I can remember sitting in the Crash's backyard, on plastic white lawn chairs, having a Bar-B-Que, playing catch with their dogs. In my mind, I can hear Husband playing the guitar and the buzzing sound of the Texas sized mosquitoes near my ears. I can even remember the smell of the fresh cut grass from their yard, because Mr. Crash would always mow the lawn before a cookout. It seems like just yesterday, even though it wasn't. I can remember their back yard tree Pecan Pete, and how it used to drop a plethora of pecans every year. I can remember all the cookouts, sipping Texas beer, and later watching bizarre movies we had found at the rental place. I can recall the multiple yard sales we had at their house as an effort to get rid of some of our household goods, I mean crap. I can remember it all so clearly...and it seems so fresh in my mind...yet, it's been over a year, possibly 2. But, the taste of the pecans, and the sight of Mrs. Crash's handwritten note brought it all back. It's amazing how the taste and smell of pecans can bring you home....even if it is just for a second or two.

Thanks so much Mr. & Mrs. Crash and new baby Crash!

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