Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunday Sushi

So, every Sunday we have sushi with Running Babe. We usually go to this place pictured below. It has a conveyor belt that goes around the restaurant. On the conveyor belt are various types of sushi pieces and rolls. For the kiddos, they also have fried chicken and french fries (pictured below). I think this place is called Todo Ya Michi. I have no idea what that means or if I even spelled it right. The name of the place is written in Japanese...and well, I can't read Japanese! Whatever! All I know is that the sushi is fresh and yummy.

(Sorry Running Babe for the not so flattering picture, but I didn't take that many pictures. And, I wanted my readers to see where we ate.)
(Jude saying cheese! Jude enjoys eating sushi, too. He loves the fried octopus the most! When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in Japan, do as the Japanese!)

(Man, we pigged out last night! We ate 14 plates of sushi! No wonder my pants are tight!!!)

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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