Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I lost my mojo...

So, my unofficial start of my Tokyo Marathon training was a flop. I ran a few times, but it wasn't serious running. It was "Oh, God, PleaseDon'tLetMeDieWhileI'mRunning" running. It was painful....more painful than I can remember. Running used to be fun and enjoyable, something I looked forward to. I used to love to put on my running shoes, shorts, shirt and fuel belt and run for 2 hours on the road or off. Now, I can't get my fat ass to put on my running shoes. My running mojo is's lost. I was hoping that the Olympics would give me a boost, but it hasn't. I think I'll just quit work and start training again, seriously. My life always seems happier when I run, and I could use some of that now.

And, by running, I mean jogging for hours. I'm not one of those serious runners that is always trying to beat a PR (personal record). I'm just a social jogger who likes the high at the end of a 2 hour run. Or, the accomplishment of finishing a race in a decent time.
I guess because I don't have my running buddies here to kick me in the ass, my running has turned to to shit. What I really need is Big D! I know that if Big D were here, he would personally come to my home, beat me with my running shoes, drag my ass outside, tie me to his truck, and drag me behind it until I ran. He wouldn't take my shit. He wouldn't take my excuses. I could really use a friend like that here. Someone whose threats I can take seriously. Now, Big D threatens me and calls me names over e-mail and the phone, but it's not the same. I mean, I'm a bit embarrassed by being such a slug, but it still hasn't given me enough "umph" to actually get off my ass and run.
Sorry, Big D! You know I love you!!!
So, could all of you out there please send me back my running mojo?? Maybe I left it in Texas. Please look for it, and ship it back to my lazy ass in Japan. I need it!

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