Monday, August 4, 2008

Babies?? No way!

So, we went to the pet store yesterday to buy a replacement fish for Grass, our Goldfish that died a few weeks ago. We ended up getting 2 new fish: an algae eater and an orange Molly named Molly. Well, after we brought them home, we floated them in the plastic bag for about 30 minutes. After that, I checked on them and realized that Molly had given birth. That's right. We picked a pregnant freakin' fish. What are the odds???

Molly gave birth to about 8-10 black and white speckled Mollies. They are very, very tiny. They spend their time hanging out in the plastic plants in the aquarium trying not to be eaten by their mother. I thought about separating them into another tank, for their safety. But, Husband doesn't want me to get involved with another aquarium and try to raise Molly babies. My plate is already full.

So, today when I came home from work, most of the babies were dead. There are a few that might make it, but I doubt it. I told Jude that only the strong one's will survive. He seemed okay with that. We told him about "survival of the fittest." He seemed okay with the idea that most will probably die.

Even though Jude and Husband are okay with the babies dying, I am not. I really do want to rescue them and buy a new aquarium just for them. I want to nurture them and watch them grow into big fish. But, I guess Husband is right. I really don't have time right now to go and buy a new aquarium and set it up. Because I'm teaching summer school, most of my time is occupied. Oh well, I hope the Lord forgives me for not taking care of these creatures.

Just another day in Weenie's World!

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